My Blooming Lilacs

Hello everyone!  Are you a fan of lilacs?  

It is spring and the lilac shrubs in our garden are exploding with gorgeous and fragrant lilac blooms.  And when I see our shrubs full of these spectacular blooms, I stop whatever I am doing, run outside to clip a few branches and grab my camera to capture their enduring beauty.  

I LOVE lilacs!!!  In fact, my love affair with this beautiful classic began twelve years ago when we purchased our home and I discovered a couple of shrubs on our property.  It was early spring when we moved in and the lilacs were just starting to bloom.  I didn't know anything about lilacs then but I knew that these flowers were something special just by their captivating beauty and glorious scent!!  

After much research, our collection of lilac bushes evolved.  It has grown from two to eight shrubs - we have added white and dark purple.  I combine them with roses which turn into a dramatic floral display during springtime.  And let's not forget the sweet-smelling!

If you don't already have lilacs in your garden, I strongly encourage you to grow them - they will give you years of beautiful blooms and joy.  

Here are a few photos of the lilacs that picked from our garden - I enjoy.

Thank you for visiting.  I appreciate your kind comments.

Happy spring to you!!!!



  1. Draga Janet,
    Sunt mare iubitoare de liliac! Si cand te gandesti... ca este specifica primaverii o indragesc si mai mult! Buchetele tale liliac sunt adorabile... si ce parfum...
    La un moment dat mi-am umplut casa cu flori de liliac dar inca nu am postat asta.
    Cele mai calde imbrastisari,

  2. How beautiful and I am sure a heavenly smell! Love the photos!

  3. I LOVE your lilacs!! I grew up in New England (MA) and had lilac bushes there (54 years), then my husband I moved to Canada (Prince Edward Island) for 9 years and we put in a lilac bush there. Now we're back in the States in SC - a very different experience for us - for almost 3 years, and alas, it's way too hot here to have lilacs (very sad), but I do have a bunch of fake lilacs in a vase! My only consolation for not being able to have lilac bushes in SC is that I can have flowers OUTDOORS year-round! I have two planters on my front porch railing filled with violas since December! Very soon I'll have to remove them and put in flowers that tolerate the heat. It's a new thing for me to have flowers outside in the "winter" months. :-) I guess that makes up for the lack of lilacs, yes?

  4. Just beautiful dear lady. Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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