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An Autumn Afternoon Tea

Hi friends!  How are you all doing?  Can you believe Thanksgiving is just ten days away!  This year has been one for the books for sure but as difficult as it has been for so many of us, there are still plenty of things to be thankful for.  I am sure many of you agree. As the colors change and the air cools here in Jersey, I like to celebrate the season with an Autumn Afternoon Tea. This year, I decided to set-up my early fall tea table outdoors - under a blanket of warm yellow in my favorite corner of the yard. I find autumn to be the perfect time to treat yourself, family and friends to a relaxing Autumn Afternoon Tea.  We are all so busy during this time of the year, that taking a few minutes to recharge may be a good idea.  Besides, autumn and tea go hand in hand.   Can you picture yourself here under this delightful setting surrounded by the gorgeous fiery reds, browns and yellow tones that the season brings?   It doesn't take much to create a gathering that your friends will

Woodsy Fall Tablescape

Hello friends.  How are you all? Sorry for the radio silence friends.  It been an eventful and stressful year for all of us and I just needed a creative break. This Thanksgiving however; home, family and friends have a different meaning.  At least to me!!!  It's been such a draining and challenging year.  I can definitely appreciate the simple joys and daily blessings!  I am also truly glad that you are here today.  As the end of November approaches, our thoughts turn to the upcoming holiday and our hearts fill with joy and gratitude.  As we move forward to celebrate with our loved ones, I want to say thank you for your blogging friendship, for keeping each other inspired and for spreading beauty in our world.  You are all amazing!! That said, we all have our favorite Holidays, and for me, it's always been Thanksgiving.  It's not as hectic as Christmas and for that reason, I feel it's more enjoyable.  We get to linger longer around the table, treat ourselves to bountifu