Decorate Your Walls With Art That Makes A Statement

Hello everyone.  I hope you are all having a great week so far.

Today, I am excited to share my latest wall decor addition.  A striking canvas print from Photowall titled Garden Party I by Swedish artist Martin Bergström.  She is sassy, chic and full of personality.  I LOVE her!!!  

It's such a great opportunity to be able to collaborate with Photowall - a company based out of Sweden focused on providing home decor products that are high-quality with plenty of artistic flair. 

These days, when so many of us are spending more time at home, it is important to make our homes feel homey and beautiful. An easy way to achieve this is with a bold piece of art.

I like to keep my decor easy and sophisticated but with a touch of drama.  My philosophy is to decorate our home with the things that we love and to surround ourselves with decor accessories that are eye-catching and stylish.

We use our dining room everyday, and because of that, I wanted to make it as appealing and chic as it could possibly be.  When I start to build the design dialogue of a room, I always start with one stand-out piece.  In our dining room, this stunning art piece did the trick.  I really think the modern feel of this piece is the perfect complement to the traditional elements in my decor.

The vibrant blue on our wall is the perfect backdrop.  It allows all the beautiful details on the painting to standout - a visual treat of layers, colors and delicate petals that bring drama to our dining room!  Truly Magnificent!!!  

It is large-scale and an impressive piece of artwork that has completely added artistry and ultramodern vibe.  I am totally captivated by its beauty and amazed to learn how much this art piece accurately reflects my personality.

I know that deciding what to hang on the walls can be a bit scary. But let your imagination guide you.  - The design possibilities are endless friends!  So take a closer look at the range offered by Photowall and imagine the design statement that your room can make by creating your own unique picture wall.

This artwork is available as wallpaper, canvas, poster or as a framed painting.  All completely customizable.  You can choose dimension, edge and frame.  

Side note:  The canvas print is delivered unmounted. But don't worry, the frame makes it easy to assemble your print—all without the need for any tools. The frame will arrive with everything needed for assembly, including a mounting hanger.   See tutorial below for assembly instructions.

There are countless selection of wallpaper, canvas, posters and framed paintings to choose from.  PhotoWall was generous enough to give you all a 25% off discount code for my followers/readers to use if you decide to purchase from their website!! So make sure you follow the link I have placed above and purchase using my code: rosemarythym25 to take advantage of the deal! But hurry, it's only available for 30 days.

Happy decorating!!!!



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