9 Steps for Hosting The Ultimate Spring Birthday Tea Party

Hi friends - I've missed you all.  Things are rapidly changing for us all.  Many of us are working from home these days, stopped gathering with family and weekend outings are basically trips to the supermarket to restock.  It's the least that we can do to help stop the spreading of this horrific virus that is changing the world as we know it. 

That being said, I am so glad that I got to spend time with family and friends two weeks ago when we all came together for the celebration of my Goddaughter Daniella's birthday.  We had a blast and the memories made are ones that will live in my heart forever.    

My sincerest thank you to everyone that helped me put this beautiful event together.  Especially my cousin, Jennifer of Having Fun Crafts, for making all the gorgeous place cards and backdrops.  They were a beautiful addition to the overall decor.  A big thank you and hug to my niece Ericka for flying in from Florida to help me put it all together and to the amazing Danielle Lehr Schagrin who delighted us with the enchanting sounds of her beautiful vintage harp...  My nephew Jose for the entertaining and fun makeup masterclass.  And finally, to my wonderful husband, Angel and his friend Wilson, for playing bartenders for the day.  You were both phenomenal and were the talk of the party!  I couldn't have asked for a better team...

Below are my steps for putting it all together with an article written for Cottages and Bungalows magazine.  I hope you enjoy all the photos!

9 Steps for Hosting The Ultimate Spring Birthday Tea Party:

“Celebrate the birthday girl in a truly classy way by hosting a tea party
  themed birthday.  Here’s how to pull off a tea party that your friends
  won’t forget.”

There are certain celebrations that are genuinely exceptional and become memories that will last a lifetime.  For me, one of those stand-out gatherings will always be my Goddaughter’s birthday tea party. 

Tea themed parties are one of the most elegant and timeless entertaining options one could ask for.  Not only does a tea party sound posh, but more importantly, it’s fun, works with many budgets, seasons and age groups.  And do I need to mention that a tea party  it’s the perfect excuse to pull out the fancy dishes, put on your best party dress and gather with your girlfriends to enjoy a warm cup of tea.  “Yes, please” 

So, when my Goddaughter asked me to put together her afternoon tea themed birthday party, I jumped at the chance to create a tea party that was Downton Abbey worthy.  I invited a few of her closest girlfriends, recruited my cousin Jennifer to help with the decorations, my husband and his best friend to be the bartenders - and for the ultimate teatime indulgence, I brought in a harpist.

If you’re planning a spring tea party, check out my steps for creating the ultimate tea party experience for your guests.

Step 1 – Venue

You can host a tea party practically anywhere, but there are certain types of venues that work best for this theme.  You can go to a formal tea room or hotel that offers afternoon tea in your area.  But if you are on a budget, your home or backyard can be just as lovely. 
We chose to have the event in our home because it was the ideal setting and had enough space to comfortably fit everyone.  As the hostess, always remember to check if you have enough space for tables, chairs, food displays and parking arrangements. 

My goddaughter wanted a pink and gold color palette for her party with a play on spring’s soft pastels for the ultimate girlie and feminine vibe.  Limit your color palette to three or four complementary hues for a sophisticated effect. Pull out your vintage pieces for inspiration — floral china, patterned runners, and place cards all fit the theme of a tea party, and you can use them as decor! 

Step 3 – Tea Tables

When it comes to tea tables, your main focus should be on creating a table that is bursting with vintage charm and feminine accents.  For this event, I chose to use round tables because they were the best option for our space.
I set the tables with simple round white tablecloths, added a striped pink and white table runner and decorated the tables teapots, cake stands, mini wine bottles and place cards to create both interest and to have a table that was overflowing with beautiful details. The place setting started with a baby pink and gold charger, gold rim white dinner plate and topped with the most feminine floral accent plate.  To complete the place setting, I used gold flatware, gold rim champagne flutes, and, of course, a dainty tea cup.  The tables turned out exactly as I pictured in my mind.  Such an excitement to see a picture come together!

Step 4 – Seating

If you are hosting a large group, consider renting the chairs.  I know it may be a splurge, but honestly, how many of us have matching chairs for more than 8 to 10 people.  Since I had a group of twenty, I decided that renting the chairs was the way to go.  It was a large chunk of my budget and totally worth it because it made everything look seamless and gave the feel of a professional hall.

Step 5 – Flowers

Flowers are a must in any tea party.  I like to keep it simple; I like garden-style flower arrangements that aren't overly neat or perfect. Always go for the classic flowers like roses, peonies, carnations, and tulips with touches of greenery. 

In terms of the decorations, a mix of vintage and romantic styles is a good rule to follow.  It doesn’t necessarily mean having all of the decor look matchy-matchy.  It’s about creating an event that is a bit eclectic and shabby chic.  You can put your aunties mis-matched china and lacy tablecloths to good use.  Combine them with fresh flowers, favors, and tiered cake stands to create a whimsical, cozy vibe. Your local thrift store is a great source — you can find vintage plates and teacups galore without breaking the bank.  Backdrops are extremely popular these days.  Consider a balloon arch or backdrop with paper flowers for your party.  They are easy to make and look incredible.  My cousin Jennifer made the gorgeous backdrops shown here and they really took the decor to the next level.

No tea party is complete without tea sandwiches, scones and sweet treats.  And If you're following a traditional British tea menu, there are a few items that you can't skip. For the savory course — cucumber, watercress egg salad, and smoked salmon are three popular types. Pair these with bite-sized desserts, such as sponge cakes, trifles, scones, and a variety of toppings, like jam, clotted cream, and marmalade. Be sure to serve them on a tiered cake stands.  They save space on your table and make a great centerpiece. 

Traditionally, tea party attire follows a semi-formal dress code.  For the ladies, this means elegant dresses and skirts that are a bit fancier than what you'd wear to work, but there's no need to rock a full-length, formal gown. Pastels colors, delicate patterns, and short silhouettes are all appropriate — just avoid anything that's too casual or revealing.  Our guests played the part!  They wore their pearls, hats and the most gorgeous fancy dresses.  I am so proud of them.

Step 9 – Entertainment

When hosting a party, always consider your entertainment.  This means music, activities or games.  It's just a way to keep your guests engaged and to keep the mood lively. 

For our tea party, our guests were treated by a live performance by a local harpist while they sipped their tea.  This doesn’t mean that you have to hire a performer for your party but do play a few soft tunes while your guests are gathered. 

Our guests were also treated to a fun and very instructive makeup masterclass by my nephew Jose.  The class included all the basics of makeup - From applying foundation, concealer, eyelashes and sculpting.  The girls had a blast!

It was a joy to gather with all the young ladies and spend time together.  We sipped on tea, nibbled on tea sandwiches and had plenty of laughs.  I don’t think any one of them wanted the afternoon to end.  It just proves that a tea party can be thrown for any occasion.  Mine happened to be my Goddaughter’s birthday, but this theme is ideal for a bridal shower, Mother’s Day, baby showers, or just-because.  Any excuse for a tea party works for me and I am sure it works for you too!

Thank you spending a few minutes of your time with me.  Stay and strong and healthy friends..



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    1. Gracias Maristella. I appreciate your kind words friend. Stay safe and healthy. My blessings.


  2. Simply fabulous birthday tea party ! Your godchild sure is a lucky girl to have you as a "madrina" with all your great taste and skills for tablescaping.
    I love each table setting with your beautiful plates, teacups and accessories.
    Now we have to be indoors and without socializing of any kind.
    Keep safe and blessings.

    1. Gracias mil Fabby. You comment means everything my friend. You know how much we love entertaining and organizing events together. I had so much fun putting this one together. I had a great team assisting too. We are officially in mandatory lockdown so let's see how long it takes before we get cabin fever. Keep safe and healthy amiga. My prayers and blessings.


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    1. Thank you Ofelia. That means so much. So appreciate your sweet comment.


    2. What a beautiful tea party! Every detail was thought through very carefully and it shows. The tables are lovely, and the ladies look so feminine! It’s so nice that they were willing to play along. What a great job!

  4. WOW! What a marvelous party! I love it all. Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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