Easy Chocolate Raspberry Mousse

Hello everyone.  I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far.

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I am sharing this super easy Chocolate Raspberry Mousse dessert that will be a delicious finish to your Valentine's meal.  Made with fresh whipped cream, melted chocolate, and raspberry puree.  What ins't there to love?

This incredibly silky and decadent chocolate mousse takes only a few minutes to make and it is perfect to sharing with your sweetheart this Valentine's Day.

Chocolate and raspberry; there just isn’t another combination like it. There’s something about raspberries that pairs so perfectly with chocolate. And here, I am sharing a couple of different variations of serving the mousse.  I like my desserts to look extra special!  Especially for special occasions.

Recipe for Chocolate Raspberry Mousse

  1. 1 cup of heavy cream (Chilled)
  2. 1/4 cup powder sugar or to taste
  3. 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla
  4. 7 ounces of dark chocolate 
  5. 1/4 cup of fresh raspberries
  6. teaspoon of sugar
  7. 1/4 fresh blueberries for garnish
  8. Fresh Mint for garnish
  9. Pizzelle or Waffle Cookies for garnish (Optional)


  1. Place chilled cream into a large mixing bowl.  Beat the cream with hand mixer set on medium. Beat the cream until the cream begins to thicken. Do not over-beat.
  2. Add the confectioner's sugar and vanilla.  Beat for until incorporated.  
  3. In a glass bowl melt chocolate in microwave.  I do 30 seconds at a time.  Stir and if not completely melted, place back in the microwave for another 30 seconds.
  4. Let cool for a few seconds and add melted chocolate to whipped cream.
  5. Place raspberries and sugar into medium sauce pan.  Set over medium heat and stir until raspberries turn into liquid and slightly reduce heat.  Simmer until most of the liquid has evaporated, about 5 minutes.
  6. Place puree in a metal sieve over large bowl.  Push puree through to separate it from the seeds.  Continue until all of the puree is strained and seeds remain in sieve.  
  7. Add raspberry puree to whipped cream and stir until incorporated. 
  8. Scoop mousse into martini glasses, teacups or small bowls. Refrigerate for 1 hour until set. Top with fresh raspberries, blueberries, cookie and a sprig of fresh mint..  Enjoy!!!

How cute are these?  And so so delicious.....

Happy entertaining friends!



  1. YUM! It looks too pretty to eat Janet! What a delightful combination though. You can't go wrong with raspberries and chocolate! You can't go wrong with CHOCOLATE PERIOD! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Can't wait to try this!! Could you also tell me where I can find these CUTE napkins? Thank you!

  3. There is definitely something very romantic about chocolate mousse Janet and I'd want to share this with my sweetie!!
    Thank you for sharing this delicious looking recipe at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I'm delighted to be featuring it at tomorrow's party and pinning too.


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