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Sun Room Makeover

Hello everyone and welcome!  I have been busy working on the makeover of my home office and our Sun Room.  The hard work is almost done...  Well, as far as my work is concerned.  I am still waiting on a couple of radiator boxes that our friend (Carpenter by trade) is building for these two rooms.  The radiator cover swill also be benches and I know our little pooch is going to love it!! But today, I am excited to share our little breakfast nook with you all!!  Nothing fancy or over the top.  Just a bright and comfy room for us to gather, read the news and enjoy our early morning breakast.  This turned out to be a larger project than expected.  My poor hubby thought he was just replacing a few old ceiling tiles and it turned out that the entire ceiling had to be replaced.  Having this project turn out more work than anticipated, I decided to give the entire room a much needed makeover.  So, grab your cup of coffee or tea and get ready for the tour. Before we begin, le

Custom Holiday Party Invitations and Cards by Basic Invite

Happy Thursday everyone!  With the holiday season right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about our holiday parties and special events!  Whether we are ready or not, the holidays are slowly creeping in...  I am already seeing holiday decor and merchandise all over the stores.   We all know how much planning  goes into the holiday season.  There is the traditional cookie baking, decorating and the dreadful long lines at the mall!!  But most importantly, it is the time to gather with family and friends.  And why not make it extra special this year by planning a holiday party or two.   Today I am excited to be partnering with  Basic Invite  to introduce you to their custom  holiday party invitation design s and  Christmas party invites .  To give you a little background information on the company,  Basic Invite is known for their stylish and truly unique  wedding invitations  by  offering customizing on everything.   But   Basic Invite  offers a wide range of cards

Mini Pumpkin Cakes

Hello friends.  I have a special post to share with you today!  I am thrilled and extremely honored to have a special friend joining me on the blog today to bring you a fun and delicious Pumpkin Cake Recipe.   Let me introduce you to Marie Matthews.  A Southern California girl who is a  makeup artist in the entertainment industry who also majored in English Literature.  How fabulous is she!!!   Marie and I connected through Instagram which is where she shares all of her amazing recipes and tips for entertaining.   One of the many positive things about our internet world, is being able to meet and work with talented people who share our same passions.  Individuals with creative minds and amazing commitment to following their dreams.  People that support each other and bring positive energy to your soul.  And Marie is  undoubtedly one of those people for me.   Two of the many passions that brought us together were our love for entertaining and setting a pretty table. 

Elegant Fall Table Setting In The Woods

Hello.  I hope you are having a great weekend so far!!  If you are a regular follower, then you already know about my passion for setting tables and my affection for autumn.  As much as I enjoy summer, it is nice to take a break from the heat of summer and give welcome the cool breezes that the autumn season brings. Fall is also about coziness and relaxed outdoor gatherings.  It is about comfort foods, warm candlelight and enjoying natures vibrant color palette.  Elements which inspired me to create this fall table in the woods.  I have to admit, I had  lots of fun creating this table because it decided to set this table at a park nearby which is by the river...  A serene and relaxing place to visit.   I am not saying that you need a fancy table to enjoy a relaxing day in the park.  My intention is only to inspire but I did want to re-create a Ralph Lauren - Town & Country inspired Tablescape in the woods. I wish you were here to see it and to enjoy the magnificent scenic

Pumpkin Caramel Flan

Pumpkin Caramel Flan – a silky smooth, creamy custard with pumpkin flavor, and a layer of soft caramel on top.  What isn't there to love about this dessert? As we look to the holidays ahead and family gatherings that the colder months bring, we also look forward to those familiar and heartwarming flavors that remind us of home.  In our family, caramel flan is a religion!!!   No family gathering or holiday would be complete without a flan being served as one of the main desserts at the end of a meal. Caramel Flan, and especially this pumpkin version, are super easy to prepare and are great because they must be made ahead of time. That makes this Pumpkin Caramel Flan a great dessert for the autumn season or Thanksgiving. It is one of those desserts that has been satisfying our taste buds ever since I can remember.  Delicate, creamy and delicious; it is sure to impress and become a family favorite. Are you falling for flan yet???  One last thing t