New Fountain Gardens at Longwood Gardens

Covering about 1,000 acres in Kennett Square, PA, Longwood Gardens has re-opened its Main Fountain Garden after two and a half years of a $90 million refurbishment and renewal.  Pathways and lawns have been renewed.  The fountain garden’s 4,000 pieces of decorative limestone have all been refurbished or redone, and details of the original design have been replicated.  

To say that the refurbished fountains are beautiful, it's an understatement.  The new Fountain Garden at Longwood is truly breathtaking and magnificent... Visitors will see more than 1,700 jets that can propel water up to 175 feet in the air (45 feet higher than before) and make it spin, twirl, twist and even sprout flames from propane-fueled injectors.  Nearly 1,400 LED lights can add any imaginable color to the water. And it's all designed by fountain "choreographers" using 3D design software in the Gardens' new pump house.

I am certain that Pierre S. DuPont would be very proud who at the age of 36, bought the Peirce farm and soon began creating what would become Longwood Gardens. He followed no grand plan; rather, he built the gardens piecemeal, beginning with the “old-fashioned” Flower Garden Walk. His later gardens would draw heavily on Italian and French forms. 


Hubby and me enjoying this amazing place.

I hope you enjoyed traveling with me.  If you are ever in Philadelphia and are looking for things to d, be sure to add Longwood Gardens to your list.  You will definitely be glad you did.

Thank you for stopping by and saying hello.  Enjoy the last few days of summer sweet friends!!



  1. Hello Janet,
    I do not think I can get there to see them, but thank you for seeing them in your photos. Superb gardens with water in the middle of the summer!
    Hot hugs, Mia

  2. Oh ! Janet, one word for this post : Spetacular!!! What a gorgeous place to visit.
    Nice to see a photo of you and your husband!! Beautiful couple. Hugs!!

  3. I meant to say spectacular! I am always in a hurry and that isn't good for spelling errors. Have a great day!!

  4. Love your trip recap, Janet, and the photo of you & your hubby - you make a very handsome couple! (ps love your top)


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