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Have you noticed the massive trend toward blush pink these days??  Truth is, I couldn't be happier since I have always had a natural attraction for this color.  I know, I know.  You mention the color "pink" to your husband and he immediately says no way....  But do not say never to this color just yet.  It may surprise you.  

Blush pink is here to stay and if balanced properly it will bring elegance and a fresh feel to your room.  And while pink gets a bad rep for being too feminine, it works when mixed with bolder colors, accents and textures. 

Try a pop of blush paired with a muted grey or chocolate brown to give your room a sophisticated feel.  Needless to say, take a look at some blush interior design inspiration which may get you to change your mind about using pink in your home decor. All images are from Pinterest.... 

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  1. lovely. You were right, I mentioned it to hubby and straight away he said no way. As I am planning to change our lounge and dining room/kitchen, this post appealed to me. When I showed him the last pic with the blush curtains and pelmets,he said oh that's lovely. Soooooo maybe

  2. Beautiful! I am drawn to this color as well! That couch with all of those beautiful throw pillows!!..... I love it!

  3. I agree there, I've never been partial to pink per se, but blush, champagne, and rose gold are color that are just too pretty to ignore! I hope all is well, thank you for sharing such pretty inspiration!


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