2017 Blog and Personal Goals

Hello to you all.  For many of us, it is the first work day after the new year.  Back to the grind after a long relaxing holiday weekend of doing nothing.  It is also back to blogging and getting things done.  I am feeling positive about this year.  My 2017 calendar and planner are ready to be filled.  It is time to work hard and to make dreams come true.  And since I am softy for all things girlie and pink, I was completely ecstatic when I came across this pink planner and black and white calendar at target the other day.  Of course these charming note cards had to part of my inspiration board too.  Nothings inspires me more than glancing over my desk and seeing all these lovely items.  They just make me smile.

I don't believe in New Year's resolutions because we all know how those end up...  I do however, believe in setting achievable goals.  Daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals and yearly goals.  I always give it my best but if I don't reach a certain goals, I know with an honest heart that I gave it my best. 

I have spent some time thinking about my goals for 2017 and I have already decided that it is time to work harder on my blog.   I know that with a full time job, it is going to be extremely challenging but success never comes easy.  I know that with time and support from fellow bloggers, I will reach my blog goals.  

2016 brought new connections and opportunities for me via Instagram.  I feel extremely blessed and grateful to have these established companies believe in me and my work.  So I am definitely looking forward to strengthening those connections this year.  I know that blogging is a lot of work and sometimes, when we are ready to give it all up, something wonderful and amazing happens so never give up.  Keep working and in due time, good things will come your way.   Build blogging relationships and participate in a few blog hops. It is such a wonderful way to connect with other bloggers.  And above all, post about the things you love and which make you happy.  After all, it is about enjoying the process. 

Blog Goals

  1. Improve content
  2. Share more recipes and DIY projects.
  3. Improve photography
  4. Redesign blog page
  5. Take part in more blog hops
  6. Attend Haven Conference in Atlanta
  7. Reach out to my followers
  8. Work with brands I believe in

Personal Goals

  1. Improve my eating habits
  2. Do more excersise
  3. Travel 
  4. Rest more
  5. Organize my basement
  6. Donate unwanted items
  7. Read More
  8. Organize Closet and makeup
  9. Be more productive
  10. Smile at strangers
  11. Surround myself with positive people

It might seem like a  lot o goals but I will try my hardest and that is all anyone can do!

Thank you for stopping by today.  I wish you all a wonderful week.


"Energy & Persistence Conquer All Things" - Benjamin Franklin


  1. love your new 2917 calendar. I too love pink and pretty things.
    Wishing you luck on all your goals for the new year!

    1. Hello Sylvia,

      Thank you so much. I can never pass up anything pink especially if it's functional too.

      You are very kind. Wishing you a blessed 2017 also.


  2. Great looking agenda! Love that pen and cute card! Curious where you got them. Have a wonderful year in 2017!!

    1. Hello Angela,

      Thank you. I am glad you liked my agenda and pen. I picked them up at Target.

      Wish you a blessed 2017 also. Thank you for your visit.


  3. Love the pink! So pretty. Looks like you have some great goals personally and blogging. Happy New Year! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

    1. Hello Cindy,

      Thank you so much. Glad you like my desk pretties..lol You are very sweet and kind.

      I wish you a blessed and happy 2017 also. Thanks for visiting.


  4. Absolutely worthy goals! Lovely planner and love the pink and black! Here's to wishing you success on your goals- all of them! Looks like you're already taking steps to be successful.

    1. Hello Tanya,

      Your visits always make me happy. So glad you stopped by.

      Thank you so much. I wish you the same. I look forward to what 2017 has in store for me but I know it will be a wonderful year.

      Thank you for the visit. I wish you all the blessings 2017 has to offer.


  5. Happy New Year, Janet! I'm old school and also use physical calendars and planners. Best of luck with your goals for 2017! I'm also striving to do #1,2,6,7 as my personal goals. Thank you for the visit and I look forward to more of your beautiful posts this year.

  6. Attending Haven has been showing up on lots of 2017 goals list. It sounds like the place to be this summer. Thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story, have a great weekend.

  7. Que cette année soit à la hauteur de vos espérances. Pleine de petits et grands bonheurs à savourer chaque jour de l’année.

    Toute mon amitié.

  8. Great goals and beautiful planner Janet! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  9. Thanks for sharing Jersey Girl, is always a pleasure to read your blog, it is a good beginning. best wishes.

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  11. Thank you for informative & really needed goals power post.

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