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A Little Girls Tea Party

Last month, my niece Ericka and her beautiful family came to visit from Florida.  Truth be told, Ericka is like a daughter to me so having her home was a true blessing.  I just can't believe how grown up she is and what an amazing mother she turned out to be.  We are so proud of her.   It was a busy time for sure.  Plenty of activities, day trips, fun meals and memories to last a lifetime. One of the surprises I had planned for the girls was a little tea party.  And what little girl wouldn't love a Tea Party? I know I do...   I wanted the tea to be fun, playful and a little fancy.  As part of the activities I had planned to keep the the girls busy while they were here, was a bit of baking.  We baked cupcakes, mini tarts and cheesecakes.  They also helped me decorate all the sweet treats for the tea party although they had no clue that all the treats they were helping me put together was for their surprise tea party. We had so much fun in the kitchen.  I think both girl

A Few Favorite Things

Hello friends.  I hope your weekend is going well.  We all know how busy weekends can get.  Often times full of activities, chores and unwanted errands which frequently leave no time for ourselves.   It is so important to set-aside a few minutes of a day to decompress, to take a deep breath and enjoy the very things that are meaningful to us.  We work so hard to achieve our individuals goals that we often forget to take in all the beauty that surrounds us.   A simple smile, a pretty flower or a beautiful sunny day.  And when I find that house chores will consume most of my day, I try to squeeze in a few minutes to relax, listen to some music and stage a little area in my home with things that make my day a bit brighter.  Things that touch my heart, besides my adorable pooch Max who never fails to put a smile on my face. So today, I am sharing a few photos of a sweet vignette I put together this morning.  Some recycled stock flowers from last week that are still just as vib

Early Spring In The Garden

Hello everyone.  It feels great to be back on blogland after a few weeks without a post.  Truth is, things got a bit crazy right before Easter with family visiting from Florida and the much needed repairs of the ceiling in our living room ceiling.  But I am so glad I got to spend time with my lovely nice and her three kids.  It filled my heart with so much joy to enjoy those cutties.  And now that things are back to normal and with warm days ahead, our attention shifts on to our beloved garden.  I just love this time of year when spring slowly makes its entrance.  Sun warms the earth, grass turns a shade of pretty green, pansies are in flower and the sweet scent of spring fills the air. This weekend  was truly perfect to be in the garden.  Sunny and temperatures in the high 60's.  Hubby and I spent all of Saturday working in the garden,  Pruning trees and shrubs, picking up dead branches and leaves, fixing parts of the fence, putting mulch and planting my fresh herbs.  Fre