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Feminine Tablescape Celebrating Friendship

Hello my beautiful friends!   Today I am sharing a most delicate and feminine table celebrating friendship. I know Valentine's is often considered just a romantic holiday but for me, it is also a way to honor treasured friendships. I for one do not have a ton of friends but the few that I do call friends have earned a special place in my heart and will be my friends forever. Valentine's is one of those special times of the year in which I like to express my appreciation and gratitude to my close circle of friends. So gather a few girlfriends and invite them over for a lovely lunch and an afternoon of fun chat and laughter. You may want to have a movie marathon, bake a few cookies or simply listen to some favorite music. Whatever you choose to do, make it special, beautiful and everlasting. Here is the table I will be putting together for my friends in the next coming weeks.  

Cabbage Rose Valentine's Day Tablescape

Hi everyone.  I hope you are all keeping cozy and warm.  We finally got all the anticipated snow that was in the forecast.  And what a winter storm that was my friends.   Extremely windy and brutally cold.  We got about 23 inches of snow by us.  Thank goodness for snow blowers and very good neighbors that are always willing to help. Now on to my post...  I love pretty fabrics.  I am always on the hunt for soft and delicate floral fabrics and when I find one that catches my eye, it easily becomes an obsession.  Lately, Waverly fabrics have been catching my attention.  I love their pretty cottage style floral fabrics.  They have a certain worn feel and look that I find soothing.  For this time of the year, I especially like their red cabbage rose print.  I just love its vintage style.  It reminds me of something you would see in a charming country home or inn in England.  And I when I found placemats and napkins with this pattern, I immediately had to bring them home with me. Th

Easy Chocolate Mousse

Who doesn't love to indulge with a bit of chocolate from time to time.  A rich and luxurious chocolate mousse is what I have in mind.  This incredibly silky and decadent chocolate mousse takes only 5 minutes to make and it is perfect to sharing with your sweetheart this Valentine's Day. Recipe for Chocolate Mousse LIST OF INGREDIENTS 1 cup of heavy cream (Chilled) 1/4 cup powder sugar or to taste 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla 6 tablespoons of chocolate syrup (Such as Hershey's) Chocolate Shavings (To garnish) Raspberries (To garnish) Mint (To garnish) INSTRUCTIONS Place chilled cream into a large mixing bowl.  Beat the cream with hand mixer set on medium. Beat the cream until the cream begins to thicken.  Do not over-beat. Add the confectioner's sugar.  Beat for one minute.  Add the vanilla and chocolate syrup and continue beating on medium until soft peaks form.  Do not over-beat because it will turn clumpy and butter-like c

Adding A Bit of Color & Romance During Winter

Hello friends.  Happy Sunday to you all.  The first snow fall of the season has arrived creating a pristine blanket of snow on the landscape.  I just love looking at the snow when it is undisturbed. There is something very serene and calming about fresh fallen snow.  Perhaps it is the picture perfect scene that it paints or the childhood memories that it brings.  But whatever it is, I find it captivating and inspiring. The indoors however, seems to be a bit colorless these days, so I have been working on adding a bit of color around the house.  Adding lots of soft pastels to our home decor has done the trick.  Faux blooms have definitely taken center state in our home.... I have made a few trips to Michael's to pick up florals and decorative accessories to incorporate in my home decor.  And I must admit, I have developed a little obsession for faux flowers.  The choices and quality available these days is very impressive.  My creative side is certainly on overdrive, making

Behind The Blog ~ A Chat With Lidy Baars of French Garden House

Hello Friends, I am very excited to be kicking off a new addition to my blog called Behind the Blog.  This is something that I have been wanting to do for some time now and I am so happy to finally bring it to life. I love all the incredible inspiration and creativity that we find in blogland but we rarely get to know the individuals that create all the beauty behind the blogs.  Many of these women have followed their hearts and have managed to build very successful businesses.   Today, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Lidy Baars , the voice and design force behind  French Garden House . I first discovered Lidy over on Instagram and after looking at her beautiful Instagram profile, I quickly followed the link to her page  and I was hooked. Lidy is an online antiques dealer specializing in French antiques.  Her online shop is filled with exquisite linens, china, silver, furniture and many decorative objects.  Her blog, French Garden Hou

Romantic Paper Flower Cones

Hello my sweet friends.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  The holiday decorations are finally stored away and the house seems to have a fresh and clean feel.  There are a few projects in mind for this year such as updating our dining and breakfast rooms but all in due time.  I am not going to put too much pressure on myself.  I have made a conscious decision to slow down and work on one project at a time. I am also looking forward to sharing a few new additions to my blog and to inspire you with more creative ideas and DIY projects.  Of course, there will always be my tablescapes, vignettes and garden photos which I love to share.  But today, I am sharing a simple craft project made of out scrapbook paper.   I am always looking for new ways to make party favors or welcoming gifts for my family and guests to take.  In this instance, I thought of making paper cones or as I like to call them, sweet flower containers made with inexpensive scrapbook paper and sewing trims.