Stonegable Workshop & Meeting New Blogger Friends

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending a table setting workshop held at Pottery Barn in the Kind of Prussia Mall.  The workshop was held by our incredibly talented friend, Yvonne of Stonegable.  I am sure many of you follow her blog already but if you are not familiar with her work yet, it is certainly one to follow.  Yvonne shares amazing home décor, DIY's, recipes and spectacular tablescapes on her blog.  Truth is, this woman was the one that inspired me to start my own blog.

That said, we were a group of about 15 to 20 people at the workshop.  Some were Stonegable followers and a handful were also bloggers from New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  To say that it was a happy day was an understatement. The chance to meet Yvonne and watch her in her element was simply incredible.  And imagine having full access to the merchandise in Pottery Barn to create holiday tablescapes???  Yes, that is exactly what Yvonne was able to manage.

Here were was the group paying full attention to Yvonne.

Yvonne put two holiday looks together for us.  One for Thanksgiving and the other one for Christmas.  Both beautiful and full of simply elegance.  And please forgive me for the blurry photos but I took them with my cell phone.

Don't you just love this Ralph Lauren inspired look??

This was the Thanksgiving table.  Very organic with a muted color palette.

After the workshop, Yvonne took the time to greet us all.  She was so sweet and the fact that she knew who I was a total surprise to me.  I felt so honored.

But the highlight of my day was meeting all the wonderful and friendly bloggers that were there. How lucky was I to finally meet a few bloggers from my area.  In all honest, we are a very small group as far as I know but a wonderful group of women.  My heart was overjoyed.

This very sweet and elegant lady pictured with me above is Johanne from French Gardener Dishes blog.  I was great to find out that Johanne and I have so many things in common and she is a total foodie.  She loves to share all her delicious recipes on her blog so do give her a visit to learn more about this talented and creative blogger.   I am looking forward to meeting with her soon.  I truly felt like I made a new friend.


This other pretty lady is Linda.  She does not have a blog currently but follows mine as well as many other blogs.   Hopefully we inspired Lynda to start her own.  Loved her too.  We clicked right away.

Here is another group of bloggers as well as followers of my blog.  Such friendly and kind ladies. And forgive me if I do not remember your names.  I do hope that you leave me your contact information if you happen to read this post.

Again, it was an honor and pleasure to meet you all.  I never imagined that blogging would bring such amazing people into my life.  I was very touched and humbled by all the warmth and affection that I felt from each one of these ladies.  It just doesn't get better than that.  I am forever grateful.

If you live in New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania, it would be a pleasure to meet you.  I am hoping that we can get a group of local bloggers together to form our little group on this side of the country.




  1. What a thrill, Janet! Oh my gosh! (I have been following Yvonne for years and she is one of my all time favorites too!) What a neat idea for a class. She is just the lady to be doing it, too!

    I hope to meet in person some fellow bloggers one day. I'd host anyone who wanted to visit Columbus, Ohio to a lovely tea time, I promise! : - )

    We have *amazing* shopping here, too. And in the fall we have a Country Living Fair. Just sayin.

  2. How fun! It looks like you ladies had a lovely time!

  3. It was so exciting to meet you at the PB tablescaping workshop Janet!!! Thank you so much for the kind words and including a link to my blog! I have admired your blog over the years and find so much inspiration in your work. And I just knew someone who produces such beauty had to be a beautiful person too!

  4. Oh how fun to attend a seminar and meet so many wonderful bloggers. Isn't it fun when you meet bloggers and feel like you have know them forever. The tablescapes are very pretty. She has a great blog and is so knowledgeable.
    I have met a couple and it was so wonderful meeting them.
    Have a great weekend and thank so much Janet for sharing this wonderful experience with us.

  5. How wonderful to have attended that event and met such nice bloggers. Those are pretty tables capes for the holidays. Thanks for sharing your fun day with us. I will check out the other bloggers.
    Julie xo

  6. Sounds like everyone had a fantastic time, bet it was nice putting faces and names together and meeting new people. Love everything from the Buffalo plaid placemats to the antler napkin holder. BEAUTIFUL!!! Mickie

  7. My dearest,
    I'm so glad for you, indeed I'm sure you had a lovely time and that it was an inspiring meeting !
    Actually I don't know Yvonne and her blog, but I'm going to visit her as soon as possible, believe me !
    Thank you for letting me know her, my sweet Janet,
    have a wonderful start of your new week
    with all my heart

  8. That sounds like it was an amazing day! The tablescapes are inspiring and beautiful, as one would expect from Yvonne. And to top it off with meeting other bloggers and followers is the icing on the cake. I just read about your meeting with Julie from Julie's Lifestyle (I've met her, too -she is so sweet!). I'm a NJ blogger, and would love to meet with other bloggers from the area. I've had the great pleasure to meet a few lately, and it is such a wonderful experience!

  9. What an exciting seminar!! It looks like such fun and informative and how neat it was to meet those other bloggers. What a lucky lady to hear Yvonne in person!


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