The Enchanting Rose Tea Cup Exchange

I am one of the 151 women from around the world that participated in a tea cup exchange hosted by our sweet Stephanie of  The Enchanting  Rose.  Can you just imagine the time and effort that it took for Stephanie to organize it all?  It is a true labor of love.

What a sweet and exciting idea.  Knowing that I would make two new friends with similar likes was truly all needed to sign up for the fun.  Each one of us was assigned a person that we would send a tea cup to along with some extra goodies as a surprise.  My lovely gifts came from Tanya Rachelle of Timeless Romantic Designs Blogspot.    Tanya has a very lovely blog too in which she shares many of her beautiful crocheted pieces. 

Tanya's parcel included this delicate and lovely footed tea cup in pale shades of yellow, purples and greens and a box of Twining's Lady Grey Tea.  One of my favorite.  How did she guess?


Here is a better view of the pretty colors that decorate this beauty.  It was love at first sight.

Also included were these gorgeous spa towel made by Tanya.   Imagine how touched and special I felt when I saw these pretty crochet pieces.  Just knowing that they were made by Tanya and gifted to me means the world to me and I will treasure them always.

Tanya also included this CD of relaxing instrumental piano music which is perfect for my tea time gatherings.  So thoughtful and different.  I love the idea.

I am so thankful to Tanya for such a sweet and generous gift.  I will cherish her thoughtful gifts forever.  I also want to thank Stephanie for the incredible job she has done with this tea exchange.  I am sure it was not an easy task but knowing our sweet girl, she did it with heart and soul.  It has been great fun and a tremendous pleasure.

My gift was sent to Judith of Lavender Cottage and what a touching and amazing post she did.

We are so fortunate to have found each other here in blogland.  The talent, hearts and stories of these incredible women is an inspiration for us all and I am honored to be part of such an incredible community.

Thank you,



  1. Lovely post my friend! Thank you for being so appreciate and such a lovely new friend. I agree, Stephanie hosted quite a fun exchange and seeing all the lovely generous ladies in the world is sure a beautiful thing. I'm so glad you enjoyed your gifts... it was my pleasure.

  2. Hello Janet. How very, very special. The teacup is so feminine, and those little crocheted towels...gorgeous! What a blessing this exchange has been for all of us. Stephanie is an angel in disguise I think! Love, Mimi xxx

  3. Hello Janet, I love your gifts you received from the tea cup exchange. Tanya is such a sweet blogger and so happy that you made some new friends. I love how Stephanie arranges these for us. Enjoy your goodies and tea in your pretty tea cup.
    Enjoy the rest of the week.

  4. Your gifted pedestal teacup and crocheted towels are pretty Janet. What a coincidence that you should send me Lady Grey tea and receive it as well, a nice selection for afternoon tea.
    It was a joy to meet you through Stephanie's exchange and I'll be back to visit again.
    A quick question about the pumpkin loaf you made in the previous post, did the recipe make two loaf pans?

  5. Hello Janet, your gifts are so beautiful, the pedestal tea cup is so lovely, The crochet towels are priceless, I love handmade items, so much time and thoughtfulness has gone into making them, enjoy your treasures, thank you or sharing,

  6. Oh, Janet- Tanya sent you the prettiest teacup! It's absolutely beautiful!

    Your other treasures are wonderful - you have all you need for a perfectly relaxing teatime, indeed!

    The best part of the treasure is the friendships made, to be sure.

  7. Just imagine 150 ladies from all over the world sipping delightful teas from their pretty new tea cups. 'Tis such a blessed thought! As for your new tea cup how pretty is this!! I love the floralicious delight planted around the cup and saucer. The pretty Spring-like flowers are so dainty. I love the plethora of treasures you received, especially those handworked, crochet pretties!

  8. Such a wonderful package of handmade love and the tea cup is gorgeous!!! What a blessing it is to both give and receive!!!

  9. Good morning, sweet Janet! My, my, my, what a beautiful tea cup from Tanya! It is so you with its soft and feminine colors {{smiles}} Tanya did indeed bless you with a delightful package of love.

    It is truly a joy to see women from around the world connect through this exchange and reading about the experience of others is a blessing to my heart. Thanks for joining, dear friend. Much love!

  10. This is a party I truly cannot join for reasons of time, and It makes my quite sad because I'm sure it's with such a lot of enthusiasm that you all participate.
    Your post is so filled with joy, my darling, I'm so very glad and feel joy together with you !

    May your weekend be beautiful and special
    with love, oh so much love

  11. What a lovely package, Janet. Purple and yellow are my favourite colours so I'm loving your dainty teacup!

  12. What a wonderful exchange idea. What a gorgeous teacup and all the treasures included in the package. So glad you shared. I wasn't part of this exchange but I getting so much pleasure from reading the posts from everyone who did participate.

    Happy tea-drinking!

  13. Amiga preciosa, espero te sientas major de tu presion alta, hay que cuidarse mucho. Espero estes bajo medicacion, ya que mi esposo tiene lo mismo y se mantiene muy bien por años!
    Beautiful teacup exchange I'm seeing from you girls that participated. You got such a beautiful one along with other sweet goodies. I wish I can join it, but it'll be a pain to send anything this far and I wouldn't want to impose. Lots of fun though.
    Keep well and see you around soon.

  14. So very sweet it I'm sure was very nice to receive such a special gift.. Happy Monday with love Janice


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