Laduree ~ A Parisian Tea Room In New York

I have wanted to make a visit to Laduree for sometime now.  A few weeks ago, I finally had the opportunity to visit this beautiful establishment.  

Laduree is a Parisian tea salon that began as a bakery in 1862 on the Rue Royale, Paris France and has expanded its locations which now include New York City.  One on Madison Avenue and the other one at 396 West Broadway, New York which is the one I visited.

It is a macaroon shop with a full-service restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  This "tea salon" is gorgeous. 

From looking at its entrance, the place does not say much at all.  It is only when you step inside and pass the retail area that you begin to feel like your are in a very special place.  The first room is a bit dark. Decorated in deep shades of blue, pale green walls and darker lighting.  My favorite area is what I refer to as the grand room or the "Pompadour Salon".  It is brighter, very elegant and exactly what the the Parisian experience should be.  A place that invites comfortable conversation, elegance and good manners.  

The "tea salon" is decorated with heavy framed paintings, ornate mirrors, crystal chandeliers, silk curtains and velvet furniture.  There are a lot of architectural details in this pretty space.

Our visit began with a light lunch.  I ordered the Salade Cesar au Poulet (Chicken fillet) with a side salad and my husband ordered the Club Laduree.  To be honest, we were both disappointed with our dishes.  They both lacked flavor.  But we were there for the experience so we made the best of it.

The pastries however were another story.  The options are amazing and they are as delicious as they look.  The hot chocolate was creamy with lots of intense flavor.  Incredibly decadent.

But the macaroons are the star of the show and so many to choose from.  As I was told, the macaroons are imported from Paris everyday.

This is the open garden area in which you can enjoy the tea experience also.  It is a very pretty space during the warmer months.

I will definitely go back to this lovely tea salon.  But it will be for afternoon tea and sweet treats which is the better choice in my opinion.  

Thank you for visiting friends.

Have a great week.



  1. Bonjour,

    Je suis éblouie par vos photos qui nous dévoilent la somptuosité de cet établissement.
    Je pense qu'il excelle avec ses douceurs et qu'il faut moins en attendre de ses assiettes salées.
    Une très belle publication. Merci pour ce délicieux partage.

    Gros bisous ♡

  2. Hi Janet,
    I have wanted to visit here for a while but I have never been there before. I am now going to make it point to go as the tea and pastries look amazing. The Devore is so pretty too. Thanks for sharing your visit with us. Enjoy the rest of the week.

  3. What a nice experience - thank you for allowing me to live vicariously through you! : - )

    Those macarons look amazing.

  4. It looks like you had a nice time.. That outdoor dining area is beautiful! Sorry the lunch was disappointing... We went to the Laduree in Paris and had breakfast (wrote about it here it was really quite good). What tea did you drink? Thanks for taking us along for tea time!! :-)

  5. Thank you for taking us along to Laduree. Sorry that the lunch was a disappointment, but the desserts look amazing.
    Have a great rest of the week and weekend.

  6. Oh my...what an elegant place to visit! *sigh* how I would dearly love to have afternoon tea at this beautiful tea room...everything looks simply amazing...especially those pretty pastries!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely visit with us...
    Smiles and hugs,

  7. .. and so you've travelled back in time, my dearest Janet, don't you ?!?
    What gorgeous furniture, curtains, and saloons there are inside, once is not enough to watch this post, as soon as I post my comment I'm going to watch it again, i feel truly fascinated by such places, you know me enough to believe what I say !

    I'm sure you won't forget it so soon, sweetheart !

    Have a blessed rest of the week and thank you for sharing such beauty, with much dear love and hugs


  8. wonderful!!! Must make a trip to NY and experience this great establishment!!!

  9. Oh my gosh, I just walked right by there today (the one on Madison)! Good to know to skip right to dessert!

  10. Hi Janet,
    Oh the Laduree Tea Room does look so elegant! I love the furnishings! The desserts do look fabulous. You are so lucky to live close to such beautiful restaurants. To visit New York is in my dreams. Happy Tea Day and Have a Wonderful Week! Karen

  11. Hi Janet,
    Oh the Laduree Tea Room does look so elegant! I love the furnishings! The desserts do look fabulous. You are so lucky to live close to such beautiful restaurants. To visit New York is in my dreams. Happy Tea Day and Have a Wonderful Week! Karen

  12. What a gorgeous and elegant place to have tea. Yes, always better to just go straight for the sweets -- haha! I'm impressed that the macarons come from Paris every day. They're so pretty in all the pastel colors.

  13. It all looks amazing to me. I thought the food looked lovely and the room - like a museum! You were one of my special features for last week's links!

  14. Ooh, I would love to go there! Some time ago, a friend and I got together to make macarons from the Lauderee cookbook she picked up while in Paris. The macarons didn't come out looking perfect but they tasted divine! Everything looks delicious in your photos!


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