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Limoges China ~ Delicate Heirlooms

Happy Sunday to you all.  Today I am sharing a few photos showcasing a couple of favorite Limoges porcelain pieces from my collection.  And is there any china more delicate and beautiful than Limoges?   It is simply exquisite. Limoges potters started work in the 1770's creating fine hard-paste porcelain from white clays found the region 200 miles south of Paris. It was considered a premium product, in part due to their strong yet delicate nature.  But for me, it is all about the delicate and incredibly romantic floral patterns. Tea cups, plates and pretty platters are what catch my eye and I seem to add to my collection with each new treasure hunt.. And anything with purple flowers always seems to make it home with me. Such as the pieces photographed above.  The details are just enchanting. I can just imagine the tables these beauties graced.  The dainty gatherings in which they took part of. Today, these heirloom pieces let us share a part of th

Mason Jar Lid Nutella Raspberry Tarts Recipe

I have a confession to make friends: I love sweets.  Especially anything with Nutella .  This chocolate and hazelnut spread has totally won my heart.  And it turns out, I am not the only one.  A few weeks ago on our trip to the Italian market "Eataly" in New York, I discovered a Nutella bar could you believe?  And the store was completely packed with Nutella afictionados'.  The Nutella bar offers shakes, candies, fresh crepes and cookies stuffed with this amazing chocolate.  What a sugar rush... So when I saw Stoneglable's recipe for Chocolate raspberry tarts baked in mason jar lids, I could help but feel inspired to give the recipe a try.  I did give it my own twist.  Yvonne's recipe calls for chocolate ganache and my tarts are filled with Nutella.  And how clever to use MASON JAR LIDS as tart pans.  Yvonne is truly amazing.  Be sure to give a visit Here is the recipe for these adorable and delicious individual desserts.  

My Travels ~ A Visit To ABC Carpet & Home In New York

Whenever I am in New York, a stop at ABC Carpet & Home is always a must.  This is the kind of store that offers a world of design inspiration and beauty for the home.  The prices are way out of my league, but the inspiration that I get whenever I visit this unique design store is priceless.   The store has six floors of very high-end and luxurious goods.  From dinnerware, linens, bedding and high-end antiques.  Worn hardwood floors creak under your feet as your walk each floor, glittering chandeliers and massive antique columns adorn each room, and furniture vignettes stand everywhere. These goods and definitely for those with very deep pockets and impeccable taste. Isn't this chandelier spectacular??  It was over $3,600.00.  I think I'll wait..... Gorgeous rustic furniture. Loving all the French antiques. Look at the patina on these urns.  Perfection.   

Fruit Crepes With Whipped Cream Recipe

Happy Sunday friends.  I hope you all are having a great weekend.  Sunday's are pretty special in our home.  It means more time to sleep and a very lovely breakfast or brunch alfresco during the warmer months. And this Sunday was no exception.  Our day began with this little feast of FRUIT CREPES stuffed with fresh whipped cream, fruit and topped with a strawberry sauce.  I made use of the fruits that were already in hand such as mango, blueberries and strawberries but you can use your favorites here.  The hardest thing about this recipe is deciding what you will fill your crepes with.   Side note, these crepes can be served for breakfast or as a dessert.  Who can say no to these?  So so  yummy and light.  Enjoy. Happy Sunday.... Janet Here is the recipe that I used for the crepes.  It is from All Recipes.  There is also a link to a how to video. Crepes INGREDIENTS: 2 eggs 1 cup milk 2/3 cup all-purpose flour