My Travel Diaries ~ Touring Peace Valley Lavender Farm

Hello to you all.  I hope your weekend was relaxing and full of fun activities.  As summer hits full swing, our time is mostly spent outdoors.  Busy with the yard, family gatherings and lots of local touring during the weekends.   

It is the perfect time to enjoy a little local touring.  I particularly love to visit historic mansions and gardens, local farms and culinary destinations.  Each year we discover new places that take us on fascinating and interesting journeys.  

Last week, we had the pleasure of visiting Peace Valley Lavender Farm in Doylestown, Bucks County PA.  This small and quaint farm is the perfect destination for those that are passionate about this very aromatic and healing herb. Peace Valley Farm cultivates and sells bundles of fresh lavender, as wells as an assortment of lavender-infused soaps, honey, sugar, body products and culinary herbs.  

The farm is picture perfect.  Situated across from Lake Galena, visitors are free to walk the pretty grounds to enjoy the lovely scent of lavender.  There are a few spots for seating to enjoy the beautiful scenery.  Here are a few photos of the charming farm.

The Peace Valley Lavender Farm is located at 802 New Galena Road, Doyslestown PA 18901.  For hours and more information, please visit their website:

Thank you for stopping by today.  I wish you a wonderful week.



  1. So fragrant images to start the week Janet! I also have lavender in my garden but not so impressive as those here! Thanks for sharing,

  2. Oh Janet...what an exquisite place to visit! Lavender is such a gorgeous herb, and I have always imagined how delightful it must be to work with it on a daily basis and have fields and fields of purple flowers to look out upon...
    Thank you so very much for sharing your lovely outing with us - what a wonderful farm to visit!
    May you have a blessed week - sending you much love!

  3. Quelle belle façon de commencer l'été!
    La lavande est une fleur généreuse et merveilleuse. J'adore votre billet!
    Bonne semaine à vous!

  4. Janet,
    "Perfect" timing for your amazing post, dear one!!!
    "Mr. Ed" is harvesting our lavender here on the Prairie, today!!!
    Thanks for sharing these all inspiring photos!!!

  5. This is a lovely Provence, a little place of France so far away from Provence and so exotic!!

  6. Oh Janet, the pictures are breathtaking. Now I want a whole field of lavender! Do you plant lavender in your garden too? I have about ten plants. They don't have as much fragrance as I imagine but they are still so pretty.

  7. Hi Janet! The lavender farm you visited was simply lovely (and your photos terrific by the way). The fields of lavender are lovely! I'd like to visit Provence in France one day when the lavender is in bloom, but its amazing how many lavender farms there are right here at home! Have a great week!

  8. Oh Janet, touring the lavender farm must've been like seeing and smelling a little piece of heaven!
    Thank you for your visit to my blog and your kind, caring comments. They were much appreciated.
    Happy 4th to you!

  9. So glad I stopped to visit today. I'm here from Shabby Art Boutique. I just cut my lavender today. I love bundling the lavender up, and getting the oil on my's heavenly! Your images are wonderful. What a trip that must have been.
    Enjoy your week!


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