The Forgotten Handwritten Note

Happy Sunday friends.  Well, the holiday decorations are all stored away, I am now taking a little time to write a few thank-you notes for lovely Christmas gifts received .  Yes, an actual old-fashion handwritten note.

In our busy world, it seems to me that we have lost he art of sending personal notes.  Today, personal thanks have been replaced by a quick email, text message or a phone call.  However, I find that so impersonal.  A personal handwritten note shows genuine appreciation and gratitude.  It says that the person is important to you and that you care.

I always keep a few handy in my office.  Here I share a few designs of thank you notes that will make anyone smile.   All of the ones pictured below were purchased at Target.  They have a very nice selection,  It is a small investment for a courtesy that will have tremendous impact on its intended recipient. Believe me, they will always remember.

A few very sweet and thoughtful gifts received...

A charming Jane Austen Journal.  

I love this shabby chic notebook.  Perfect for taking notes.  I am definitely keeping this one on top of my desk.  It is too pretty to put way.

Another charming journal.  How inspiring.

A great little dessert book.  I love all the pictures in this book.  Very vintage inspired.  I must try these pretty cupcakes.  Who can say no these right???

Next time you receive a gift, let that person know how much it meant to you that they thought of you. Sometimes we forget that such much details or a kind word, has the power to change someones day.  

How many of you still write handwritten notes????

Thank you for visiting me today.  I am truly thankful for your support and kind comments.

Wishing you all a wonderful week.



  1. I have a very special Aunt that I can only correspond with by writing notes and cards to one another. She does not like the computer world or to even own a cell phone. She likes being old world. Her handwriting is as beautiful today as it always has been. I appreciate the new things in life; but I noticed that my handwriting is not what it use to be. Too much time on the computer. I think writing thank you notes or cards by hand is a very special thing to do. Something too many people have gotten away from. Thank you for helping us all remember.

    1. Hello Sandra,

      I do have to agree, we do spend too much time on the computer. One of my resolutions for 2015 is to cut back my computer time. It does take time away from the things that need attention. Reading, writing and spending quality time with my loved ones will be my priority.

      Thank you for visiting me. I do appreciate your wonderful comment.

      Have a wonderful week.


  2. Yes, handwritten letters or notes are much more special today than ever before. I still do sent handwritten notes but far less than in the past. It is good to help us to remember that this is one of the best ways to show appreciation.

  3. You are so right,Janet,the computer age has taken over.I do write handwritten notes at times, but have to confess I use email often.I love getting them in the mail then I can save them and go back months and sometimes even years later and read them again.

  4. I love the thought and effort of a hand-written note (using an old fashioned ink pen). I pen my thank-yous immediately after an event - a habit that ensures that I don't forget! Best wishes for 2015.

  5. Janet it is a lovely gesture and sad that it no longer seems important but we can change the trend, like you said it only takes a little time and money. I'm sure friends will so appreciate them.

  6. Shame on our school system. Have you ever seen pretty writing from young adults.? It is terrible, you can hardly read what they have put on paper. I love hand made note cards, or just a plain piece of paper thank me for something. The art of handwriting has gone out the window. There is nothing more special than a Thank You note that is written.
    I agree with you Janet.

  7. Hand written notes make me feel special because I know they took the time to really care! A quick note on the computer is fine to let you know something has arrived safely............ but appreciation can truly best be shown by taking the time to write a special personal note!

  8. Hi Janet,
    Your blogspot always takes my breath away with it's beauty! I always love your perfect tablesettings, pearls and sparkle and you are such an inspiration to me. I actually got a handwritten thank you note last week and I was thoroughly touched. My elderly neighbour has such lovely handwriting and it is so special to see it these days. Happy New Year Dear Blogging friend. Friend! Karen

  9. I'm so glad I found your blog and I especially love this post! I'm a firm believer in the hand written thank you note. When our son graduated from high school, my husband took all his gifts (including cash) and let him know he would only get them when he had finished and mailed all of the thank you notes. It was amazing to us how many that received notes were surprised. Kids learn what they are taught and good manners never go out of style.

  10. My dearest Janet, you're one of the few persons I know still writing notes and letters, that's truly an old tradition, but there's nothing more appreciable than the handwriting, I think, never stop doing this, never let this tradition fly away, be blessed !
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend and the begin of the new week ahead, sending hugs across the Ocean
    With love

  11. I'm also a firm believer in hand written notes. I hope that our generation teaches the next generation to do the same. I recently bought the "Eat more dessert" book - it's just full of gorgeous ideas & recipes!!
    Have a great weekend!! Jina

  12. Good reminder! and sometimes a handwritten note of encouragement or friendship is much appreciated also. My sweet aunt sends out birthday and anniversary cards every year (even to great and great great nieces and nephews), Sadly it is becoming a lost art!


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