2015 Projects ~ Small Closet Makeover On A Budget

Hello my pretty friends.  Oh yes, winter storm Juno is on its way...Bitter cold and deep snow descend on the East Coast as I write this post.  I worked from home today and if the The National Weather Service is correct in their prediction, we will be snowed in by early morning.   So I plan to stay put and enjoy the warmth and coziness of my home for the next few days.

Today, I am sharing the makeover of my closet in our master bedroom.  It is a small space so I really wanted to maximize every little inch in this closet.  I knew that I was going to have to build up in order to find the extra space that needed to get all the clothes, shoes, handbags, scarves and makeup neatly organized in the closet.  And my goal was to do this on a minimal budget.

The first thing we did was remove everything from the closet, paint and add wall paper on the main wall to create some visual interest and to give the closet a little glam.  Next I purchased the Alex drawer unit from Ikea for extra storage which was my largest purchase at $119.00.  Then my husband had the great idea of adding inexpensive closet cubes on top of the Alex Unit.  Less than $15.00 at Walmart by the way...  He just turned the cubes vertically for height and also as a simple way to display a few pieces and to make my closet a little fancy.....  I do love some eye candy when I am getting dress in the mornings.  

I already had the huggable hangers so it was easy to go through all of my clothing and sort everything by color,  Shoe racks were added to the bottom of the closet as well as the top of the closet.

Pretty hooks were also added to hand handbags and large storage boxes were added to store hats, gloves and scarves.  

                    Everything has a place now.  I am so happy with the way it turned out.

Some pieces are far too beautiful to be hidden away.  

Good news is, that I have completed the first item on my to my To-Do list for 2015.  Now it is on to my sun room.  It is all about making everything functional this year along with getting into some healthier eating habits.

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  1. WOW, Janet, I love it and it is functional and pretty too. I don't have a walkin closet but a very long one about 6 ft. I need to get some of the shelves from Walmart so I can put my eye candy in there.
    You have given me some great ideas.
    I am renting out one of my bedrooms to a nice young 23 year old. She is the niece of the little boy I pick up from school when his mom works. She is a sub so I don't always have him everyday. So the gal is not someone off the streets. I have to take out everything in that closet and re-arrange all the other closets to make room for my material stash. So I am purging lots of stuff to SA and trash.
    It really feels good when you get a room or closet completed.
    Thanks for the great ideas and your looks terrific.
    Really quite a snow storm, so stay in and warm. I won't tell you what the weather is today as I don't want to make you jealous.

  2. Oh my gosh, your closet is the same size as mine, and I love the extra organizing that you did in the center! I also have art hanging in there on that wall! Our organizers go all the way up on both sides, but nothing in the center, because the attic access is in my closet. Every time someone needs to get up there, I have to take the removable side down. Hugs. Great job!

  3. Bonsoir chère amie,

    Vous avez bien raison de rester tranquillement au chaud et de profiter de votre intérieur...
    Bravo pour la réalisation de ce joli dressing. Vraiment adorable.

    Gros bisous ♡

  4. Doesn't it feel good to have everything organized so you can see what is there? I recognize the blue Tignanello bag...I have the same one in lime!
    Have a great week...and hope you don't get much snow.

  5. Ok, I am totally green with envy. This is gorgeous. Can't wait to feature this makeover next week. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  6. My dearest Janet, I think that your corner is much more than perfect now, you've had such great ideas and a touch of inspiration and class, as usual, to realize them, BRAVISSIMA :)
    Sending hugs and love

  7. this was just great!! So many nice things, I can understand why you want to display them :) I't's good to have order in the closet :)

  8. How lovely your new closet is. I would love one like that. Love the animal print shoes.

    1. Thanks Jeanette. Your comment is so sweet. Love the shoes too.


  9. I love how you added some "pretty" to your closet! Mine is purely functional right now but I will tuck away your ideas!! Thank you for sharing! ~julie

  10. Oh how I wish I could get my 3 closets that neat and organized, you gave me some great ideas when I have time to tackle them,
    Love your hangers also LOL those are great for any closet

  11. Hi Janet! Congratulations for being featured for you beautiful closet make over at the blog party at "A Stroll Thru LIfe".

  12. Hi Janet! Congratulations for being featured for you beautiful closet make over at the blog party at "A Stroll Thru LIfe".

  13. Amiga que hermoso closet! My closet is small too and yours is an inspiration for me to revamp mine as well.
    Gracias por compartir, tu eres tan habil y tienes gran gusto. Love those shoes!!!
    Have a great week sweetie.

  14. So glad I stumbled on your blog as a closet redo is #1 on my must-organize list- what an inspiration- it looks lovely and is functional too- love special touches like the chandelier and photos- also love those black and white print shoes- new follower

  15. Your makeover rocks! Your closet here look charming and elegant. The closet cubes certainly help in that department. It puts your stuff in proper display. You also accented the whole visual with your wallpaper change. There's an element of presentation when it comes to closets, alongside for location and placement.

    Angella Frasier @ 4-Wardrobe


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