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Past Perfection

Hello everyone.  I hope your weekend is off to a nice start.  I just wanted to pop in to share a few photos that I took last weekend while organizing my collection of vintage linens.   Many beautiful items complete my collection of treasured pieces that I own but vintage linens are my all time favorite ones to collect.   I consider them my "forever to keep" pieces.   Crisp, white lines always catch my eyes.  I love collecting placemats and napkins to dress my table. I often wonder of their journey.  The stories passed on from owner to owner.      Vintage silver and linens are always perfect together.   Instruments of equal importance for creating a captivating table.  Each offering a supporting role. Recently, I have been drawn to collecting transferware.  The quality and beauty of this china is unmatched.    As delicate and dainty as these antique pieces appear, they are sturdy and meant t

2015 Projects ~ Small Closet Makeover On A Budget

Hello my pretty friends.  Oh yes, winter storm Juno is on its way...Bitter cold and deep snow descend on the East Coast as I write this post.  I worked from home today and if the The National Weather Service is correct in their prediction, we will be snowed in by early morning.   So I plan to stay put and enjoy the warmth and coziness of my home for the next few days. Today, I am sharing the makeover of my closet in our master bedroom.  It is a small space so I really wanted to maximize every little inch in this closet.  I knew that I was going to have to build up in order to find the extra space that needed to get all the clothes, shoes, handbags, scarves and makeup neatly organized in the closet.  And my goal was to do this on a minimal budget. The first thing we did was remove everything from the closet, paint and add wall paper on the main wall to create some visual interest and to give the closet a little glam.  Next I purchased the Alex drawer unit from Ikea for extra st

Saturday At Home

It is Saturday....  Chilly and snowy conditions persist through the remainder of the weekend, perfect for being indoors.  And if there was any question about the cold temperatures, the view from my window confirms that I am better off staying warm and cozy in the house.  Feeling focused and happy, I am doing a little cleaning and re-organizing around the kitchen. Cleaning cabinets, dusting china and re-arranging accessories so that I can admire my favorite objects each and everyday.  They are after all the very objects that start my day.  What my eyes fix  on each morning as I enjoy my warm cup of coffee. Like my pretty bust which I have lovingly named Mina, reminds me of  all things delicate and classically elegant.  These dried hydrangeas that came from my sister-in-laws garden arranged in a eye catching vintage pitcher warm the heart and satisfy my need to be surrounded by flowers. Classic antique white plates from Mikasa are used on a daily basis.   They are both modern an

Favorite Things ~ Eat More Dessert Cookbook

Hello friends.  I hope you are all having a great week.  I received this lovely cookbook as a Christmas gift, and I thought it was one that deserved a little mention.  It is " Eat More Dessert" by Jenny Keller.  I had to share few of the books photographs just in case you are thinking of adding another cookbook to your collection this year and also because the photos are simply stunning.   Besides, it always helps me to read a book's reviews and to peek at a few of the recipes before I make a purchase. It is a fantastic cookbook with lots of entertaining ideas and inspiration for creating impressive themed dessert tables.  The recipes are simple but with lots of visual impact.  The book offers ideas for many themed parties but my favorite ones are the vintage style celebrations such as the Princess Tea Party, Vintage Baby Shower and Spring Garden to name a few. She also shares tips on how to display your desserts and offers tips for shopping at flea markets and thri

Random Photos

Hello everyone.  I hope you are having a lovely weekend.  It is Saturday, my favorite day of the week.  Nothing special planned for the weekend.  Just a little bit of cleaning, grocery shopping and planning for a few room re-do's that I will be working on in the next few months.   One of my favorite places to look for inspiration, is my favorite fabric store.  I always love to check out their new fabric and styles.  They are always on top of all the latest trends.  They also carry the prettiest floral patterns.  One or two patterns always captures my heart.  While there yesterday, I spotted these gorgeous faux roses.  Their bright color and natural texture caught my eye.  I normally buy fresh flowers while at the market but lately, the flowers in stock have been disappointing.  So when I spotted these beauties at the store, I just could not resist.   Roses, whether natural or faux, always capture my heart.  There is something so comforting and classically feminine about ro