New Flea Market Finds

Happy Sunday to you all..  Last week I visited a local flea market in Lambertville, New Jersey and came across a vendor that had the loveliest vintage linens.  Oh my, was I like a kid in a candy store. So beautifully pressed and elegant.  Almost like little masterpieces.

The allure of vintage linens is inspiring and undeniable..  They add a timeless and romantic style to any table.  Finding place mats such as the ones above is unexpected and a true treat.  Ageless beauty and charm.  Detail and design is how I spot a well-made piece.  

I purchased three sets of place mats with matching napkins and two round table toppers.  

To me, it is about creating beauty and preserving the past.  To use old treasures in new ways and using one of a kind pieces to add timeworn appeal in our home and unexpected charm to my designs.  Thank you for stopping by today.  I am truly grateful.

Wishing you a restful Sunday.




  1. Que hermoso! Nos fuera muy lindo si tubieramos un dia de compras juntas; pues nos gusta lo mismo y tenemos ese aire romantic en nuestras decoraciones, especialmente para la hora del te!

    I love your vintage linen sweet Janet and I'm so glad you found them!
    Have a blessed week.

  2. Oh Janet, how beautiful! To think that some one worked hours to make those lovely pieces. Wonder who made them, where they lived and who sat at the table for dinner. Things were so lovely in those days. It was unheard of to eat out - always a big dinner with all the trimmings.
    Thanks so much for sharing all your new treasures - they are stunning.
    Have a great week.

  3. Hi Janet, what beautiful linens and your photos are just gorgeous!

  4. Such beautiful linen pieces...The stitchery on those is gorgeous... My Mother-in-law still uses cloth napkins and cloth place mates at the dinner table...those are much to pretty for that add such beauty to wherever you use them.. Have a great week. Blessings!

  5. Beautiful! I love lace and always look for it when I go to thrift shoppes!

  6. Good morning Janet! These lovely vintage items remind me of my childhood. My mother had stacks of these in her linen closet that either she made, her mother, or her grandmother and aunts. She taught me how to embroider and I'd make some "doilies" as she called them, with little embroidered flowers.

    But those days are gone. As a new bride, I'd attempt to bring back my mother's domesticity into my life, but full-time work and moving out of state to go to graduate school shaped my married life that was not like my mom's. To this day, I don't sew, embroider, or even IRON! Shhhh!

    But finding such treasures like this, even if they belonged to someone else, takes me back just a moment in a very special time of my life.

    ENJOY! And thank you for coming to visit! Anita

  7. Janet they are indeed lovely so soft and timeless.. It's always wonderful to find a lovel treasure as such... I thank you for your visit as well, it was very nice to hear from you.. Have a wonderful new week Blessings with love Janice

  8. My kind of goodies. Lovely treasures that you'll use forever. Cherry Kay

  9. Beautiful! You found some lovely things.

  10. Oh Janet, you found some treasures! They are gorgeous. Your philosophy is exactly mine; these beautiful pieces need to be rescued and loved and given places of honor, as a way of respecting the past and the artistry that went into each piece. I'm glad you are the new caretaker of them. They'll be loved and appreciated. Blessings to you, Deborah

  11. What wonderful treasures you found, Janet! You will certainly love and keep them, just as someone in the past has done.

  12. So pretty and they look gorgeous how you have them in the pictures! I love vintage linens!

  13. What lovely linen and laces you've found, so suggestive and romantic, dear Janet !
    Thank you so much for sharing your 'vintage' experiences here, have a serene continuation of the week sweet friend
    With love

  14. Hi Janet!
    Your vintage linens are lovely. I agree, they are treasures! Enjoy this beautiful Sunday.


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