Moments of Reflection

I would like to express my sincere and deepest gratitude to all my wonderful blogger friends who offered their support and heartfelt words of affection and encouragement on the loss of our beloved Niki.  I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and thankful for each and everyone of you.  You have truly touched my heart and given me the strength needed for the days ahead.

I know in time the pain we are feeling will subside but the truth is that we miss him terribly. Some days are better than others as you can imagine.  Focusing on all the happy and fun memories we shared with our little pooch make it a little better.  But these days my sweet friends, I am just taking the time to enjoy a few quiet moments to reflect on the changes ahead and to pull my emotions together.


Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Wishing you a blessed and beautiful week,



  1. Janet,

    Nothing like a lovely teatime respite to calm one's inner feelings.

    I hope you poured yourself a nice cuppa while you reflect. It works miracles for healing.

    Even better? Invite a friend for a cuppa and a plate of store bought cookies for a super easy fast little visit - you both will be better for it afterwards. : - ) Hugs.

    1. Thanks Michele. I did take your advice and had a love weekend at my sister-in-law's home where we had a lovely pre-fall tea. It was just what I needed. You were so right.

      I am so grateful to you for great advice and emotional support. I feel refreshed and ready for the world.



  2. I know your still hurting, but remember your little sweetie pie is not in pain. IT will take time my dear, but just like Michele said above - have a great cup of tea with a friend.
    Hugs my dear friend.

  3. Hi Janet,
    This is such a lovely post. The coffee pot is a beauty and the pearls just add so much romance to the setting. Love your china and sipping some tea will help make you feel better, especially as Michele suggested, if you share it with a friend. So sorry for the loss of your little companion. Wishing you a happy day.


  4. Beauty is healing, and you sure have created beauty here with linens, china, roses, and pearls. Some of my favorite things. I will continue to pray for you my friend.

  5. A lovely romantic post with the pearls draped over the teapot.

  6. I certainly would have preferred to post you a different comment the last time I came and visit you, made of words of admiration for the gladness and beauty you always share, but sometimes life is made of sad moments, we just have to allow us to grow able and accept them
    With deep love

  7. A time for reflection..... that is what is necessary in our lives sometimes. I am thankful you have that understanding. Memories can be wonderful things for reflection. And add to your peace.

  8. Hay amiguita querida, disculpame por no venir enseguida a reconfortarte por la perdida de tu bebe, ellos son tan parte de nuestra vida y familia y su perdida es duro para uno. We lost our pug Ben, who was almost 13 years old and we still miss him and tears run down my eyes, so yes, I know the pain you are going through.
    God bless you and yours. Carños,

  9. Hi Janet,
    I am so very sorry to hear about your little Niki. So sad. I know that taking pics and blogging is very therapeutic for me when I am troubled and these are absolutely gorgeous pictures that you have taken. Love the pearls, teapot and beautiful teacup. Thank you for sharing such beauty! Take care, Karen

  10. I want to add my condolences about your little sweet angel. I know how you feel, and there will forever be a little spot reserved for that love you feel. I read your sweet comment to Cielo. I read Spanish but am not super confident with my expressions. But I am truly sorry for your loss. Your sweet Nikki will be at the a Rainbow Bridge waiting for you... With my Sally.... Hugs...

  11. There is nothing anyone can say that stops the hurt, it does get better, but for a time your dont want it too. When I lost one of mine I could not stop crying it hurt so bad. I didnt want the pain to stop because then I felt I had lost all contact. I see her warm doggie eyes now looking at me from other little faces that I love, and I know she will never really be gone.


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