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Celebrating Roses

Happy Sunday friends.  It has been a busy month for sure.  Lots of family gatherings and parties to plan. And best of all, I am enjoying the company of my parents who are visiting from Florida.  Oh am I in heaven. Having my mom around is such a blessing.  Especially after having a little scare with her health a few weeks ago.  So thankful for small miracles... Today, I am sharing a few photos of a sweet tablescape I put together using roses from my garden.  They were the last few blooms on my spray rose bush until their next blooms. I began by placing a simple white tablecloth on the table and placed a pink and white over sized striped dish towel on the top which set the color palette for the rest of the look.  Favorite mismatched china with pink and white roses complete this sweet and feminine table celebrating roses. Isn't great to celebrate summer??   Lovely and cheery pink tones create a romantic table in the garden. Love breezy summer

Blue and White Tablescape

Happy Sunday friends.  What delightful weather we are having here in the Northeast.  Warm and sunny days with perfumed breezes that are perfect for entertaining outdoors.  Just Impossible to stay inside.  And I find that it is so much easier to entertain in the garden.  So carefree and relaxing.   Why not gather a few of our favorite vintage pieces and picks from the garden to set up the perfect table to enjoy with a loved one or friend.  For this table, I was inspired by my peonies.  Oh have the blooms been glorious this year.  And is there any flower more gracious and elegant? Really...  Look at the petals and colors on these blooms...  They truly steal my heart. My color concept for this intimate table were shades of pink, white and blue.  I started by creating a neutral background by using freshly pressed crisp white vintage linens to dress the table.  This created a fresh and clean setting for the pink Peonies centerpieces and my favorite blue and white vintage china patt

The Beauty of Roses

My roses have definitely arrived.  And they are in their full glory in my garden.  Soft tones of reds, creams, yellows, peach and pinks are all competing for attention.  They have taken over the fence around the back of our home.  It is an amazing site.  An explosion of buds, petals and blooms all over my fence.  All I can do is seat back and enjoy the show. So romantic and graceful.  A true Queen in her garden.  I love to cut them and display them around the house. There is something so comforting and magical about roses.  They just fill the heart with happiness and instant romance.   Pitchers are always my favorite way to display them.    Nothing formal or fancy.  They are stunning on their own.  Here are a few I cut early Saturday morning.  I could not help snapping a few shots.  I hope you enjoy the show. Wishing you a wonderful week.  Thanks for coming to visit.  Your sweet comments always make me smile. Hugs,

The New Leaf Tea Room

Hello friends.  Happy Thursday to you all.  We are still having good weather around.  They days have been sunny and warm and people seem to be in very good spirits.  It is so nice to see all the pretty gardens and neighborhood children playing in their yards.  Summer is just a happy and fun time of year. Today, my post is about Tea Rooms.  Previously, most of my experiences with tea have been at historic hotels such as The Plaza and The St. Regis in New York City but recently, I have been looking into independently owned tea rooms.  As I have discovered, these privately owned establishments offer lots of warm hospitality, friendly service and endless old world charm. A few weeks ago, my sister-in-law Lilly and I had the pleasure of visiting the New Leaf Tea Room in Riverton, New Jersey.  A very lovely and attractive tea room located on the main street of a town which features lots of Victorian homes. We arrived at 2:00 pm and were greeted by owner Phyllis Rodgers who promptly g