Winterthur Museum

Last month I had the pleasure of visiting Winterthur Museum in Wilmington, Delaware.   It is a place of so much history and beauty.  And childhood home of collector and horticulturist Henry Francis DuPont. Opened to the public 60 years, Winterthur is the premier museum of American decorative arts with nearly 90,000 objects made or used in America between 1640 and 1860.  The collection is displayed in the magnificent 175-room house.  

Winterthur is set amidst a 1,100-acre preserve of beautiful meadows and woodlands designed by DuPont. Surrounded by colorful flowers, shrubs and lovely paths; it is a place of great calm and peace.  It is said that the home is currently much as it was when the DuPont family lived there.  

Tea sets just like the one pictured below are displayed through out the house. Fine China and silver are stored in custom made cabinetry in many of the rooms.  Oh did I feel like a kid in a candy.  Such refined rooms.  I can just picture the wonderful gatherings and afternoon teas that took place in this home.  

Lovely seating room

One of the most used rooms of the house.  This is where the family entertained and spent most of their leisurely time.  Music was played and games were played.

See all the fine china stored in these cabinets???  And there are many many more like these and even larger through out the house.

A most elegant and refined dining room.  The china is stunning.

Our tour guide mentioned that it was the fresh flowers picked from the gardens each morning  that dictated the colors of the table settings.


Breakfast set in one of the many guest rooms in the house.  

H. F. and Ruth Du Pont with daughters Pauline Louise and Ruth Ellen, 1922

I hope you enjoyed the small tour.  If you are ever near Wilmington, Delaware, please do take the  time to visit this wonderful treasure.  You will be very glad you did.

Thanks you for visiting.



  1. I am visiting via the Shabbilicious Friday Link Party and am now your newest follower - what beauty I see.

  2. How lovely and very Colonial looking and traditional. Beautiful rooms!

  3. Love all your pretty pictures, and love your blog!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  4. Wonderful post!!! This is one of the prettiest places ever! I used to get a catalog from them- will have to see if they still send one out! Thanks for the wonderful photos. Makes me wish I was able to sit there and have a cup of tea! So pretty.

  5. Oh my godness Janet, this place is amazing, it seems the set of one of those film I do love so much !
    Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful photographs, you always have something beautiful for us <3
    I'm going to have a look at them once more :)
    Much love to you, have a great weekend xoxo

  6. I love to visit historical homes, and Wintherthur has long been on my wish list. Thanks for sharing your delightful pics. Hope to see even more. Cherry Kay

  7. Me, too. I have long wanted to visit Winterthur -- I really enjoyed your tour.

  8. Thank you Janet for sharing this magnificent place. On that note, my sister and I are going to America around late November and one of our destinations is Delaware. We have a friend living there. That is so exciting coz we are trying to make a list of things to do when we are there. The DuPonts lived luxurious lives.
    Thank you for leaving the sweetest message on my Mother's Day tribute post. I am so touched and so happy to know that I have met lots of beautiful people, I can call friends through blog land.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead.


  9. Beautiful! I used to get a Winterthur catalog; I loved looking through it. And how lovely to have flowers from your gardens every day and china to match! I could get used to that. Thanks for sharing.

  10. An opulent lifestyle and the name seems to match. It was nice to tour Winterthur through the lens of your camera, thanks for sharing.

  11. What a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing at HSH!


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