My First David Austin Roses

Hello friends.  Thank goodness it is Friday.  I had a much needed day off today. I slept until around 9:00 am which is a true gift for me.  Waking up each day at 5:20 am to go to work takes its toll on me so when ever I get the chance to sleep an extra hour or two, it is like like Christmas all over again.  Spending time at home is the ultimate luxury to me.    Shoes, handbags and vacations are all really nice but being home is where my heart is.

I do enjoy my weekend outings.  Especially the ones to historic mansions, beautiful gardens and specialty food markets.  In fact, we are going to New York in the morning to visit Eataly.  A mega Italian market owned by chefs Lidia Bastianich and Mario Batali.  It is such an exciting and inspiring place to visit.  A must see for those that love to cook.

But today, I am sharing my first David Austin roses.  I have been waiting for these beauties since the beginning of spring.  Few things are more romantic than roses.  And for those of us that grow roses in our gardens, we know that a David Austin rose is grandest of them all and needs no introduction.  Graceful, delicate and garden worthy in every respect.  Like many devoted gardeners, I've become totally captivated by the old-fashioned look of these beautiful and fragrant roses.  I am in love.

I hope you enjoy my sweet vignette displaying a few of these beauties. It is my little tribute to all things beautiful and romantic.


Two variations in my little pitcher, Claire Austin and Queen of Sweden.

 Thank you for visiting.  I wish you all a wonderful Memorial weekend.




  1. Janet your pics are absolutely gorgeous, and I can practically smell those DA roses. SO pretty!

    We lost a number of roses over that bad winter, they're just not coming back - so deciding what to do with the garden now. I hate losing things - two trees, our GIANT butterfly bush, 4 rose bushes and 2 huge boxwoods, to name a few.......

  2. Good morning my friend !
    You have to know that I'm a David Austin's Roses great fan, here, year after year, we've been collecting more than a hundred roses of his and believe me, we're always more and more enthusiastic of them !
    I'm sure your romantic personality will find a perfect correspondence in these gorgeous and so beautiful roses .. their blooming is so surprising !
    Thanking you so much for your lovely pictures expressing so wonderfully their sweetness I wish you a great weekend my dear Janet.
    Sending hugs

  3. Beautiful roses - I can only dream of have such delights. My rose bushes and climbing roses have been ruined by possums. Warm regards

  4. Hi Janet,
    I just love your David Austin roses. Oh my! The colours are spectacular! Your teacup is so dainty and pretty with the statue and greenery behind. So inspiring! Thank you for visiting me and leaving such kind words! Have a wonderful weekend! Karen

  5. Oh Janet, they are so beautiful and perfect. They look so good it's almost like you could eat them.
    I love his roses - they always smell so good and have so many petals. I only like the roses that have over 30 petals. Your photo's are stunning! You have really captured their beauty.
    Have a wonderful day on your outings and a Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

  6. so beautiful! you're right, roses are the most romantic flower, and garden roses are so superior to the hothouse varieties. Don't know how you get up at 5:20 am! I'd be passed out all weekend!! Have a good one!

  7. Your roses are absolutely fabulous!

  8. So beautiful. The rabbits in my yard eat all my roses. Any tips to keep the pesky critters away?

  9. I'm with you Janet, one day off work helps a lot. Amazing how those extra hours of sleep help.
    My friend and I were just taking about David Austin roses, she was raving about it, the scent and the blooms. That is now on my list to grow this year. The only issue is they are not readily available in any nurseries where I am, we can only find them online.
    Your vignette is gorgeous, I love the pearls on that girl. Hope you have a good Memorial Day.


  10. So so gorgeous. I love David Austen roses. I have three right now but I would love a whole David Austen garden. Do you order from online or get a grown plant at a nursery?

  11. Where do you buy those roses? I never heard of them.

  12. How beautiful. I mostly have David Austin roses,just love them and the scent is gorgeous.

  13. Your roses are gorgeous!! I'm not good at growing roses but may have to do some research on these and give them a try. Thanks so much for sharing these lovely photos with us!!

  14. Your roses are really gorgeous! The whole setting is stunning! Thanks so much for sharing!

  15. This variety of roses is absolutely breathtaking!! They seem to make a wonderful bouquet to cut and enjoy.
    Mary Alice

  16. Just beautiful! Love the Austin roses, and looks forwards to the blooming :-) The Crocus Rose is one of my favourites...

  17. All I can say is

  18. STUNNING. Could you not photograph them all day long? I know I would be so inclined!

    Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick


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