Simple Treasures

Today is a pretty and brand new day.  Although the weather outside is frightful.  Freezing rain and snow are the order of the day but to me, it is just another wonderful day to celebrate life, beauty and romance.  It is February after all and the month of so many wonderful birthday celebrations in my family, including my own at the end of the month.  So I have been adding a little bit of romance to the decor around my home.  I love flowers, vintage linens and pearls. As I am sure you all have noticed by now.  So why not enjoy them everyday.  There is nothing wrong with that right???   

For instance, take this very inexpensive flower vase.  I added a bit of lace and it instantly becomes a brand new treasure. It adds a certain softness and romance to item that we normally wouldn't pay attention to. Such little details make a space original and and a treat for the eyes. 

This was an old flower vase that I purchased from the dollar store.  What a difference a bit of lace can make.   Amazing, right??   I will share this DIY project of  a future post.  I am finishing up a few more pieces.  

Add a simple candle and some pretty details and it is instant romance and elegance.

Love to display my vintage linens.  They add charm and and timeless elegance to a home.

Another simple and inexpensive little treasure found at Ikea last summer.  These two pitchers are displayed in my kitchen where I keep a light color palette.

And for the piece de resistance, take a sneak peek at the pretty fabric on the photos.  I just found it this weekend at my local fabric store on sale at 50%.  I am in love with this delicate fabric.  I bought it to make a table topper with it but I am now thinking of using it in my sun room which is in need of a makeover soon.  What do you think??

Picturesque portrait of cherished treasures. 

Have a wonderful rest of the week my sweet friends.  It is always great to share such little pleasures with you all.  I hope to have inspired you to create a little romance in your everyday...




  1. I love the idea for the vase. I will have to remember that.

  2. Simply beautiful, Janet :) Your photos are always full of beauty and inspiration - thank you for sharing :) Hugs to you!

  3. How beautiful are those whites with that soft pink, gorgeous! I just love vintage linens, so elegant.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. I'm with you -- love roses and pearls and vintage linens. And using them, not just storing in a cupboard. Very pretty.

  5. Over from the manic Monday link up; immediately clicked on this image. Love it!


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