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Capturing The Charm of Yesteryear

Hello to you all.  I hope your week is going well.  We had another snow day here in the Northeast so I had a bit of time to play with my camera and snap a few shots of some of my favorite vintage pieces which I like to display in my master bathroom.   It is my own private space so it is feminine, very French in style and holds some of my treasured pieces of vintage jewelry, purses and beauty products.   We all have beautiful treasures tucked away in our homes which have been inherited or collected through the years that when displayed together tell wonderful stories and spark the imagination.   When artfully displayed, these pieces delight the eye and bring back memories of a loved one and times past. One of my favorite items is this small beaded purse.  I am not sure of its age but you call tell that lots of work went into the piece.  You couldn't possibly get more feminine than this.  Vintage pearl bracelets and brooch.  Truly timel

Romantic Table for Two

Happy Sunday all.  What have you all been up to??  I have been busy doing my usual runs.  Going to the Farmers Market and supermarket getting ready for the week ahead and to celebrate Valentine's Day.  My favorite part of Valentine's Day is spending time with my hubby and having my favorite treat, chocolate covered strawberries.  Oh how I love those.   My husband and I like to stay home for Valentines.  It is less hectic and more enjoyable at home.  The food and service at restaurants can be a a bit rushed and disappointing during holidays.  We always plan a special meal that we can cook together.  It is so much fun to cook with my husband.  And the food is much more flavorful and scrumptious than going to a restaurant.  Besides, I can set a prettier table. To set the stage, I used my Mikasa Rosemead china as promised to put together this romantic and charmingly intimate Valentine's Day table for two.   All it is missing is the delicious food and wine.