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A Little Romance

Hello sweet friends.  I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.  I am still refreshing things around the house.  Organizing and cleaning a few of the closets around the house.  Taking advantage of the time spent indoors.  It is such a pleasure to have everything in its place.     This morning I was switching things up a bit in my dining room.  Making it a bit brighter and romantic. I began by changing the artwork and plates displayed on the walls.  In no time, I was inspired to create this sweet and romantic vignette for you.... Love the soft and delicate color of these roses.  Who can resist such beauty. Busts are always a staple in romantic decor.  And they are perfect to display my collection of pearls. Roses and more roses.  I can't ever get enough. Love all things beautiful and embrace romance everyday. Enjoy every idle hour. Fondly, Janet

Pale Loveliness

Happy Sunday world.  January brings bit of peacefulness and welcomed serenity doesn't it.  It is a month  of renewal and new beginnings.  A time to look forward and dream of springtime flowers.  The awakening of nature.  I know it may seem a bit too early to think of spring but heart is longing for such days. The stark landscape and leaf-bear trees around me make the days a bit sad and long.  Keeping an open mind and heart, it is mother nature that gives me endless inspiration.  Pleasant thoughts and dreams of springs soft color palette and beautiful flowers.   The pale blue and pink tones on this plate and teacup, paired with a simple pink flower and creamy white accents add soft notes of color and spring to my day.  Such sense of calm and romance make my heart sing.   Wishing you all a sunny and happy week. Hugs, Janet

Rustic Charm

Another snowy sunless day here in the Northeast.  The trees and garden floors are covered in fluffy snow. Such a pretty site but the brutally freezing temperatures and winds make it impossible to step outside.  So I stayed in my PJ's all day, drank some hot chocolate (with mini marshmallows of course) and decided to put away the Christmas decorations.   Yes, I was ready to reclaim my home from Christmas and so this seemed like the perfect day to take on the task. Thank goodness my husband was a willing participant.  Each room was cleaned, dusted and refreshed as the decorations came down.  It is such a great feeling to have everything organized and in its place.  I even did a little re-decorating in the dining room and in the living room.  I placed a couple of old faux books stored in the basement on top of a small mantel in the foyer for a more rustic and welcoming look.  I then added a lamp, small topiary and a few accents pieces found around the house to finish the look.  B

Romantic Moments

Happy New Year sweet friends.... With the holiday season coming to an end and thinking of all the tasks ahead of me, I took a little time to relax and to get away from the holiday madness.  I do not want to think about taking down the tree, putting away all the Christmas ornaments and decorations.  Taking time to be thankful for all our blessings, family and true friends and the goals and plans for 2014. So I gathered a few pretty and romantic pieces from my collection, set them on a silver tray and headed to my bedroom which is my little secret hiding spot.  For the next few seconds, I invite you to envision yourself in this perfect space.  Please delight in the flowers and romantic details.  I promise, it will make you smile. Flowers and pearls always make me smile. Love the clean look of pure white linens. So feminine and romantic.  It makes my heart sing. Be still my heart. I want to wish yo