Bridal Shower

Last Sunday was my lovely niece's bridal shower.  What a happy and memorable occasion.  This was truly a labor of love.  All the food, sweets and decorating were done by the mother of the bride and myself.  It was a gigantic undertaking but what an amazing time we all had putting this magnificent bridal shower together.

It was truly magical from beginning to end and very rewarding to see it all come together so beautifully.  And most importantly, the future bride was extremely happy with it all.

I sneaked a few photographs between all the baking and set-up to share with you all.  I hope you enjoy.

A silver charger and simple white plates with a touch of silver give this setting an elegant touch.  A sweet rose and dove rings add a romantic flair.



No detail was missed.  Even the sugars were colored and shaped for the tea party.  These were made by the mother of the bride too.


All flower arrangements were made by the mother of the bride.  Aren't these just gorgeous.


Place cards were made by Lilly, mother of the bride.
Tea sets and tea cups were placed displayed through out the house. 


I made these sweet and feminine chocolate candies. 

Macaroons were also made by Lilly.  So delicate and yummy.


I made these pretty and girlie petit fours.  They were filled with homemade strawberry jam.


These sweet chocolate truffles were made by Caro, sister of the bride.

Heart shaped cookies made by Lilly

 I am the baker in the family so many of the desserts were made by me.  Such as these mini cheese cakes topped with various fruits.  I also made these lemon and raspberries tarts.  So delicious and spectacular looking too.  I can go for one right about now.


And this is our beautiful and gorgeous bride to be Adrianne enjoying a few of her treats.

Lovely picture of bride to be with sister Caroline, and mom Lilly.  Don't you love the hat?  So fashionable.


  1. This is a triumph of design and baking. Everything is completely outstanding. I love the chocolate heart candies and mini tarts and cheesecakes that you made. Wow! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  2. Lovely! Love the mini cheesecakes!!! You must share the 'how to' recipe! Beautifully done.

  3. Magnificent table, food, and bride to be! Thanks so much for sharing!!♥♫

  4. A beautiful table. All this mini-canapés looks delicious.



  5. It all looks so beautiful - all the hard work paid off! Lovely bride to be also.The mini tarts and cheesecakes are so pretty too.


  6. Love all the sumptuous details of the table, and ..... quelle ravissante future mariée!!!

  7. WOW, how gorgeous! All the detail is amazing! Love those napkins. The treats are all so pretty and the bride to be is beautiful. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful bridal shower with us.
    Have a great week,

    1. I got the spectacular linen tablecloths and napkins in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, at the Linen House, an institution on the island for fine linens and towels. This is the best place on the island, unless you can make a day trip to Saint Thomas for fine linens.

  8. Oh, and Please do tell how you made the shaped sugars! That is so wonderful. I want to try that!

  9. What a lovely Bridal shower, every detail is perfect and beautiful. The luncheon was a wonderful success, I am sure! I want to come next time!

  10. Oh, and Please do tell how you made the shaped sugars! That is so wonderful. I want to try that!

    1. Hi! Nice to hear someone wants to know how to make the sugar molds. Here is what I did: * Get 2 cups of sugar (sifted to eliminate lumps) and 4 tsp. of water. Have food coloring ready.
      *Add a drop of food coloring to the water (to ensure eveness in color)
      *Mix texture up. (It will look like wet sand).
      *Pack into small candy/chocolate molds. Press into mold. Scrape off excess mixture.
      *Immediately unmold (either to flat plate or to baking pan)
      *Let dry for 6 hours OR place in oven for 8-10 minutes at 200◦. (I prefer the oven method, as the sugar molds maintain their form better).
      * Once cooled down, they are ready for use of for storage in a cookie tin.
      ** If your molds have super fine details, it is better to use “caster sugar” or super fine granulated sugar and the ratios are: 2 cups of caster sugar and 3 ½ tsp. water.

  11. Dear Janet:
    Once again, THANK YOU!! I could not have prepared Adri’s magical and special tea shower without you. Indeed it was a spectacular feast to both the palate and the eyes, where 15 young women came over to the Jersey Shore for this sit down tea with Adri on this special day.
    You and I worked together great as a team; you with your specialties of all your sweets, and details in the décor, and me with the flowers, savories and tea sandwiches. I must also express appreciation to the mother of the groom, Salva, who flew in from Texas and who also added her touch to the afternoon.
    I know Adri will always remember such a special day.

    Your sis-in-law,

  12. Amazing attention to detail at your lovely party! You can tell you all enjoyed making all the delicate, and delicious treats! A very special event!

  13. What an elegant beautiful bridal shower - gorgeous tablescape and gorgeous bride! I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,


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