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A Pretty Vignette

 Happy Friday friends.  Isn't fun and relaxing to play and admire our beautiful collected vintage items.  Their beauty is truly unmatched.   Such attention to detail and quality.  Such romantic hearts that designed such a piece.   So delicate and feminine.  I often wonder about their past.  Who owned them???  What kind of stories can they tell...  How did they end up at an antiques shop or flea market???  I guess I can continue to dream and use my imagination.   These dainty tea cups are were made by Pope Gosser.  It is the Rose Point pattern. Pretty yellow roses in a vintage silver coffee pot and pearls compliment my little vignette perfectly. Wishing you all a restful and wonderful weekend.  Thanks for stopping by.

Morning In The Garden

Another beautiful morning here in the Northeast.  What a delightful sunny day.  The weather is still summer like and perfect to enjoy this amazing morning in nature.  As I wrap myself in this tranquil and peaceful blanket that my garden has to offer, I gather a few pretty pieces to make it even more inviting and relaxing. The colors for this were vignette were actually inspired by this beautiful fall flower arrangement that I purchased for myself.  Yes, I do that from time to time...I just can't resist pretty flowers.  A vintage linen topper and napkins and Royal Doulton tea cups in the Gleneagles pattern give the table a nostalgic look.  Aren't these pieces gorgeous??  There is nothing more beautiful than setting a table with unique vintage finds.  They have a certain magic and nostalgic feel that newer pieces can not provide.  A good book and a healthy snack complete this heavenly retreat in my beloved garden. I hope these pictures bring a little sunshine to your d

Bridal Shower

Last Sunday was my lovely niece's bridal shower.  What a happy and memorable occasion.  This was truly a labor of love.  All the food, sweets and decorating were done by the mother of the bride and myself.  It was a gigantic undertaking but what an amazing time we all had putting this magnificent bridal shower together. It was truly magical from beginning to end and very rewarding to see it all come together so beautifully.  And most importantly, the future bride was extremely happy with it all. I sneaked a few photographs between all the baking and set-up to share with you all.  I hope you enjoy.   A silver charger and simple white plates with a touch of silver give this setting an elegant touch.  A sweet rose and dove rings add a romantic flair.                No detail was missed.  Even the sugars were colored and shaped for the tea party.  These were made by the mother of the bride too.   All flower arrangem