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Hello to all.  I hope you are all enjoying these sweet summer days...  Today I am doing a quick post to share two amazing reads..  I had heard a few fellow bloggers mention Victoria Magazine's Special Collectors Edition, Monograms and Carolyn Aiken's book, Aiken House and Gardens.  After getting my hands on these two lovely publications, I must say that they are both gems.  Their pages are filled with old world romance with a true tribute to the past. 
Carolyn's book is a collection of her most spectacular photos of her beloved home and gardens. Quiet elegance with a nod to the past.  Victoria's Monograms edition is just as memorable.  Its pages are filled with true eye candy for those of us who love all things old and classic.  Vintage linens, silver, china and tips for caring for such heirlooms.  This special edition is a must my friends.  Two gems.
Here are few shots I took featuring these two favorites.




  1. Soft. Gentle. Romantic. Perfect for a quiet summer day. Cherry Kay

  2. I haven't yet got Carolyn's book but have wanted to get it. I always have bought everything Victoria puts out. I remember years ago, my mom bought me a subscription to Victoria and every month I would wait and wait for the issue to come and then just savor it over and over. I would buy every book they published too. Now with the internet I find myself buying less and less books and magazines, but it's just not the same.
    I LOVED your previous post too. Gorgeous!

  3. I remember way back in time when my youngest aunt was getting married and my grandmother was all worried about having things monogrammed. Carolyn's book is so beautiful. Your photos are gentle and dreamy, love them!

  4. Hi Janet,

    Two beautiful magazines! Both would be nice to browse while sipping a cup of tea. I just love monogrammed linens. Thank you for sharing these with us.

  5. These look fabulous! Thank you for the recommendation.


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