Hello friends.  I hope your week has been a productive and creative one.  I've had a very busy and hectic work week.  To say that I am looking forward to my three day weekend is certainly an understatement.  I am so relieved.  No pressure, just free..
I am so happy to have an extra day to pursue the things that I enjoy and cheer my soul.  Indulge in a little gardening, cooking, photography and perhaps antiquing....
But today I want to share a little vignette featuring a tranquil color scheme in various shades of cream.  It is a tasteful compliment for my delicate vintage linens and classic decorative pieces which I paired here for visual and textural splendor. 





Enjoy.. Thank you for visiting today.


  1. I like roses and the mirror too.

    Happy weekend !


  2. Hello Janet,
    Glad you're getting an extra day off, to relax and do whatever makes you happy.
    Your pictures are so romantic and dreamy... love all the different shades of creams and different textures.
    Love the mirror... I have been looking to find one like that.

    Wishing you a beautiful and relaxing weekend.

  3. Beautiful, thanks for sharing such lovely photos. Love the touch of soft pink amongst the cream. Have a great 3 day weekend! Gina

  4. I love the pale with the gorgeous roses and touches of pink. This is my fav kind, I'm not particular the crazy colored table one at that! What you saw and commented was my first Mexican 5 de Mayo table, lol.. Pretty mirror too! Thank you for your sweet and kind comment. Big hugs,

  5. This is beautiful. Thanks for your wonderful post and for sharing with us.
    De Oude Huize South Africa

    1. Hello Sandra,

      Thank you for your lovely comment. I do appreciate your kind words.

      Have a great week.

  6. Stopping by and letting you know you have been featured over at One More Time Events....Thank you for Sharing! hope you can join in again this week.


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