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Hello everyone.  I hope you are all having a great weekend.  The snow has melted away and the sun is finally out...What a blessing here, it finally feels like spring is really around the corner.

This is a quick Saturday post to share one of the projects I have been working on.  This one is of my home office.  I decided to take advantage of the unused space in our attic and created extra closet space under the sloped roof to store our winter and summer cloth.   What a gem!!  The extra storage is just amazing.  What a great use for this dead space.

The rest of the Attic, has now become my office.  I have created a cozy and comfortable work space for myself and I just love it.  I have my sweet husband to thank for it all.  He is always up for the challenge.  I am lucky that he is very handy because my mind never stops with the ideas and I must admit, all the hard work is pretty much done by hard working husband and he is just wonderful about it.  We have done a lot of upgrades to our 93 year old home and I  do have to say it that it does look wonderful for its age and most importantly it feels pretty amazing because we have done the majority of the work.  Now on to finishing my bathroom and guest room.

Thank you for visiting.  I do appreciate your time and your lovely comments.

I began with a neutral color palette.  Taupe for the walls and very light cream for the base and railings.  

Artwork is from Home Goods.

I added color with the accessories such as the chair above which also came from Home Goods.

The desk is an old farm table which we already had.


A view of the office with just a bit of sun light coming through.  We still need to add a few recessed lights but  over all, it is pretty bright.  Especially on sunny days like today.

I made this scarf using fabric purchased from a local fabric store.  It gives it a modern look.

The elegant and feminine fixture was purchased at Lowe's could you believe??  A girl has to have sparkle no...

These charming figurines have been with me for over twenty years.  I purchased them at a flea market.  I don't know their age or history.  I fell in love them and they came home with me..

All the white/beige cabinets are from Ikea.

I found the perfect cabinets to fit under the slope of the roof.  It was almost like having custom cabinets built in but for a much, much lower price.  We added these on both sides of the attic.  So a great use for this otherwise waisted space.


  1. Great post with lot of detailed information..Thank you for the share...:):):)

  2. Your office space is just beautiful! I'd love everything about it. It's so tranquil. I love all the feminine fixtures and textiles you have chosen! So pretty!

  3. I would never do any work-just sitting there staring at all the pretties! You are very talented with such an eye for design!

  4. Your office turned out beautiful! I love it, what a great place to work!!

  5. You have exquisite taste. Well done!

    Andrea in Calif

  6. Love your new room. Lucky for you to have the space to spread out in. You have done a lovely job with the decorating.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  7. This is a beautiful space. Sophisticated, elegant, yet warm and cozy too. I love it. I would never have guessed it was attic space. You and your husband make an exceptional team of workmanship & designing.

  8. I'd love to have an office like this! So beautiful--not sure how much work I'd get done. I'd probably just sit and enjoy. . .Would love to have you join Country Whites Weekend at The Country Farm Home! It starts early Friday morning!
    Spring Blessings,

  9. Wow, what a fabulous space, I love it. I could sit there all day and enjoy it. Very pretty. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  10. What a gorgeous space! I could easily spend most of the day in a room like that. And surprised to see that jeweled light fixture came from Lowes!

  11. This is quite a wonderful space - I could see myself there with a cup of coffee and creativity flowing! Don't you love finding new space? Hope you can stop by the enchanted oven.

  12. You are very lucky to have such a handy man and the space he has created is just perfect! The colours are lovely and subtle as well as it being a very calm space. Just beautiful. Chel

  13. Hi Janet,
    What a lovely space you have to work in. I like the light fixture and all the pretty touches you have added. A great deal of creativity should flow in this room. Thank you for sharing at my HOME and have a lovely weekend.


  14. Your office looks fabulous! Thanx for partying at THT.

  15. Love your attic office space - so ecclectic and elegant! I'd love to have such a room - I will be featuring your post in this week's Home and Garden Thursday,
    I do appreciate you sharing,


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