Vintage Linen and Crochet Collection

Good evening, blogger friends!  How are you all.  We are in the middle of winter storm Nemo here in the North East.  Just a winter wonderland outside.  Perfect night for a cup of hot chocolate and a great book.

So tonight I am sharing a quick post of some of my beautiful vintage linens and crochet pieces.  pieces I have collected through the years.  Can you think of anything more blissfully romantic than white linens and lace.  A timeless go-to for the table, white linen has the power to freshen even the dullest of winter.  Especially like the one we are having this year.
My search for these pieces goes on.  I am always on the hunt at flea markets, thrift shops, antique shops.  You get the idea.  My heart can be heard echoing everytime I score a new piece.  I admit it, I love the ritual.  And it is because mixing past and present becomes effortless with vintage linens.  I especially love to pair them with new pieces that capture traditional style or vintage pieces for an impact.  Whatever your preference is, enjoy and use your linens as often as you can. 
I truly appreciate your visit and your lovely comments.









    1. Beautiful white linens. I agree, can never have enough or enjoy enough!

    2. What a nice collection! I am thankful for having many that were made by my great grandmother, you will see a few in my next post..."Our White Mantel"

    3. What gorgeous vintage linens! I wanted to reach out and touch them. I'm a collector too, mostly of the printed tablecloths, but I also have some white linens that I love. Visiting from Seasonal Sundays. Beautiful blog!

    4. I love vintage linens. When we find what we love at 2nd hand stores, it's amazing!!!! That's what 'Today' misses. Yes, you can own beautiful linen, but, at a very high $$ amount.

      But, vintage is so beautiful. Your collection is amazing!!!! So elegant!!!!


    5. To me, there is nothing and I mean nothing more elegant than white on white embroidery on linens. You have a fabulous collection - I will be looking forward to seeing them "in use" in the future. Thank you for sharing these treasures!

    6. Such beautiful vintage linens, my oh my they do bring back memories or my moms and grandmas linens, how they cherished that wonderful handwork on the beautiful hankeys...your photos are beautiful...I am a new follower of yours and am so happy I found your sight...come for a visit

    7. One is more beautiful than the next. Great collection.

      Wonderful to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

      - The Tablescaper

    8. Beautiful pieces. I collect linens from every place I travel. You have an amazing collection.

      Happy Valentine's Day.

      Betty (Maddiebella Home)

      1. Hello Betty. Thank you for your lovely comment. Happy Valentine's Day also. Please come back and visit soon.

    9. What an exquisite collection, dear one!!!
      My MoMa was always in a quest to save all the Estate $ale silver during her retirement. . .I, like you, seem to want to save all the elegant linens of the past!!! And, yes...I do use them throughout my home!!!
      Thank you for sharing this lovely collection with us!!!
      P.S. Visiting from Yvonne's!!!

    10. What a beautiful collection you have, Janet. I love linens, past and present; such beautiful works of art. Thanks for sharing yours with us. Hope you have a lovely weekend.


    11. Oh heart is just so in love with your collection of beaties! LOVELY photos!! I tried to pin them to my pin board but we're having high winds and my satellite internet if very iffy right now...hope I can get this comment to post!!!
      I'm thrilled that you joined my party last week with these gorgeous pieces. I certainly hope you have a lovely week!!

    12. Janet,
      These are lovely linens, we were thinking along the same lines! I will have to check out The Tablescapes page! I have more than I posted, but they are waiting to be ironed and put where they go....I am trying to figure out a way to store them so they can be used...I have some on hangers in the guest room closet, and that may be the best way to use them. How do you store yours? I understand that if you use the very old tissue paper that is blue, fold them up in the tissue paper, that helps to keep them white....I read that on someone's blog a few years ago. But I want them to be ironed and ready....I'd love to hear how you keep yours ready! I think I need an armoire just for linens.....actually, I am SURE of it! LOLOL


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