Setting The Table

I often hear from friends and family that they would love to entertain but that they shy away from it because they are just too overwhelmed by the rules or too intimated by the thought because they just don't know how to set a table properly.  Friends, they are no rules when entertaining family and friends.  Just some basic etiquette that is all.  And when in doubt, start with the basic white plate, simple flatware and glassware.  

It is just about having fun and enjoying each other's company while savoring a great meal. You can be as creative as your imagination allows.. We are so full of amazing ideas..  With that in mind, I thought this would be a relevant post for those wanting to learn to dress the table.

There are two types of table settings: informal and formal. Whether dining out at a restaurant or another's home, here is what you can expect as well as what you'll need to know as it pertains to table settings. Below I am sharing two diagrams that I found in the Internet for each type of setting, beginning with the more casual affair which are very helpful.


  1. I don't worry about it lol, I just do what I feel is right for what im doing...or cooking...I love the challenge of setting buy second hand old dishes and see what I can come up with...thank you for sharing ..have a wonderful weekend with love Janice

  2. I love your attitude Janice, That is exactly how it should be. I love second hand, miss-matched items too. It makes it fun and relaxed. Have a great weekend too.

  3. Thanks, Janet!
    I always heard, "When eating and there is lots of silverware, just start on the outside and work your way in, so, I figured you set the table with the silver ware on the outside what you would use first! Did that make sense? LOL
    the goblet placement is always something I did not know, but we don't drink alcohol, so that would be why. We do however, commercially make sparkling cider from the apples we grow on our farm. I decided I'd better find out how to place those! So, thanks for showing me!


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