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A Visit To Skytop in PA

My husband, niece and I took a mini vacation and went to Pocono Lake, Pennsylvania last week for a couple of days.  This was our first time in the area so we were pretty excited to visit and explore.  We got the chance to tour a few little quaint towns such as Cresco and Skytop.  Both full of charming victorian and colonial homes, old style general stores and antique shops.  But the discovery of the trip was an amazing old world lodge perched high on a mountain in Skytop, PA.  This old grand hotel has the most breathtaking views of the mountains and lake....  Leave it to me to find this historic gem.  We took plenty of photographs both in Cresco and Skytop to share with my blogger friends.  Enjoy..    


Vintage China Yes, we love those vintage pieces that have a story to tell.  That exquisitely beautiful vintage china which evokes all the charm of a bygone era.  Here are a few examples of pieces that I have recently found.  I came across this vintage set at an antiques shop in Haddonfield, NJ.  The pieces do not show a pattern name but some of the dishes are stamped with a seal that reads Austria.  It really does not matter to me.  I just fell in love with these plates and thought it was a great purchase.  They are so dainty and beautiful.  I can't wait to use them in own of my romantic tablescapes. Antique Garden Pieces These vintage pieces are just lovely and full of possibilities.  They are full of beautiful details and quiet elegance.  Adding similar pieces to a garden provides warmth and soul.   Farmhouse Style   High End Antiques   Flea Market - Anti

Favorite Shoppes

The other day while getting a haircut in Philadelphia, I came across one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie .  I have been to Anthropologie many times but not to this flagship store in Rittenhouse.  Even if you do not shop here, it is a must see and you will certainly enjoy all the architectural details of this old mansion.  It is very impressive.  You must take the spiral staircase to check out the stained glass ceiling and faux fireplace. So much to see, take a look! I feel a kitchen cabinet re-do coming on. Eye candy.. Last weekend while taking a stroll in a town just a few miles from home in Haddonfield, NJ, I came across a very lovely and charming shop called Lavender Cottage .   The stylish and chic restored vintage pieces displayed in front of the store caught my eye immediately.   As I worked my way to the interior of the store, I could not help but feel that I was walking into an old f