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5 Steps for Giving A Small Bedroom A Stylish Update

Hello friends.  Today I am thrilled to be sharing my bedroom refresher.  From budget and savvy thrifting, to adding color, stylish art and splurging on upscale bedding. Learn how a few well planned changes can help you create a room that is stylish and cozy. 
I am so happy and pleased with the way the way our bedroom turned out.  It is inviting, serene and combines all the things that I love and that inspires me - Beauty, romance and a little whimsy work closely to provide my own version of comfort and function. It is my haven!!! A welcoming space where different styles comes together and demonstrate that old and new can create a space that is comfortable and sophisticated.  Color, art, texture, comfy bedding and a few well selected treasures were key for this bedroom's update. 
Here are a few of my tips for giving a small bedroom an update.

Step 1: Add A Pop of Color
Sometimes all a room needs is a fresh coat of paint for maximum impact.  If you are afraid to commit to a vibrant colo…

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