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A Stylish and Organized Home Office

Hello friends!  Happy Tuesday to you all.  
Working from home has lots of advantages, the most significant being saving on travel expenses and eliminating the stressful commute.However, to be productive, our home office must be functional and well organized.  Of course that a home office can be both well-organized and stylish.After all, you will spend the majority of your day working in the space.
My goal with this home office makeover was to create my ideal work space without breaking the bank.With a mix of IKEA pieces, new desk, custom sitting and window panels, I created my perfect home office.  Today, I am excited to be sharing my 7 tips for creating a beautiful and functional home office.  An article that I put together in collaboration with Cottages and Bungalows magazine. (Follow direct link for the online article.)  So if you are looking for some inspiration for refreshing your home office space, then follow some of the tips below.

Locate The Best Space
One of the most important p…

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