Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday Morning Rituals

Hello everyone.  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

It is no secret that I am not a morning person.  Unfortunately, because I have to wake up at 5:00 am during weekdays sleeping is out of the question.  But on Sundays, it is all about sleeping, warm coffee and reading a few of my favorite magazines in bed.

Eve though Saturdays are often jam packed with running errands, house work, cooking and writing blog posts, there is nothing like a lazy day to finish off the weekends.  I cherish every second of the weekend and spending Sunday mornings in bed is a luxury that I would not trade for anything else.  I am one of those people that needs total rest and relaxation so I can function properly.

In the spirit of cozy comforts and relaxing, I thought it would be fun lovely to share how I spend most of my Sunday mornings on a typical weekend.

I hope that after all the busyness of the week, you too are able to find a little time for yourself on the weekends.

Thank you for being here today.  I appreciate your visit.



Here is a short video taken by my husband of my breakfast tray in bed.  Enjoy...


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Romantic Table For Two Blog Hop

Hello and welcome to my blog.  If you are here for the first time, I invite you to take the time to browse around a bit.  

With Valentine's day right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about celebrating the day with your sweetie.  If you are planning to stay in this year, then this "Romantic Table For Two" blog hop is for you.  Today, I am happy to be joining 15 talented bloggers that are sharing beautiful and creative ideas for putting together love-filled tablescape for two for Celebrate & Decorate's Romantic Table For Two blog hop hosted by Chloe Crabtree.  I will have all the links listed at the bottom of my post.  The blog hop will run through Thursday of this week.

My husband and I love our nights out, but I think nights in can be so much more romantic. Especially because you have total creative control of the meal and the dinner table.  And what better way to show your significant other that thy are special.

When I think of a romantic dinner for two, an intimate table setting comes to mind.  I like to choose decorations and accent pieces that have special meaning for the two of us, such as favorite colors, flowers and food.  I also prefer to choose a quiet and cozy spot to set up our romantic dinner table. Lighting is also key for giving a room a romantic ambiance.  Consider adding candles to your table as well as dimming the lights in the room.

I prefer classic neutrals when I want to achieve an elegant look.  I also think that a white tablecloth gives a table a fine dining appearance.  

Use cloth napkins in coordinating colors.  Don't forget to add a floral or ornate napkin ring for dded effect.

The tea set is Classic White by Lenox.

For my place setting I used a Lenox Federal Gold dinner plate and placed a vintage Royal Doulton Luncheon Plate on top.  I then placed a purple etched glass bullion soup bowl on top of my luncheon plate to complete my table setting.  Vintage etched glass goblets are paired with modern stemware by Patina Vie adorned with pink and gold designs.  The gold flatware is from Target.

Delicate accessories add a touch of romance while a classic Lenox accent plate add modern elegance.

Here is a little video my husband filmed of the table I created.


A special thanks to Chloe for putting this blog hop together.  

Thank you all for visiting.  I hope we have inspired you to create your own Romantic Table For Two.  We hope you have a lovely and romantic Valentine's Day...


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Romantic Bedrooms

Hello everyone.  I hope you all having a wonderful weekend.

Today, I want to talk about creating romantic bedrooms in your home.  If you are anything like me, a romantic home is just part of your every day life.  And bedrooms are an ideal space to express this style.  

Our home definitely reflects who I am and my passion for creating rooms that celebrate my romantic heart.  I would say that each room in our home is like a little jewel box.  I especially love soft colors on walls, delicate pastels and beautiful chandeliers.  A room should be one that makes you feel instantly at ease, welcomed and above all, happy!!!  I also prefer furniture that is light and with a bit of old world charm.  This romantic and feminine style is not difficult to achieve.  You can combine favorite thrift store finds, fabrics and accessories to create a comfortable and romantic bedroom.  

Last summer, we did a makeover in our master bedroom and I am so happy with the results. I do have to admit that the hardest part of the makeover was painting our furniture. The bedroom set below was originally dark and although it took some elbow grease, it was totally worth it.  It has made such a big difference in the room.    

Our rooms are always painted in muted tones so there is always a serene feel when you walk in the rooms.  Nothing shouts out at you.  The focal point of the room is the canopy which my sister-in-law made for me.  The furniture is a light shade of cream keeping the room's color palette soft and monochromatic.

The chandelier was a purchase from a local antiques shop.  It is gorgeous and it gives the room a bit of a french feel.  The ornate mirror next to my night stand was a Home Goods find.  My husband built the radiator box for the room.  He did such a great job!!

The mirror was a thrift store find.  Originally a very shiny gold, it was toned down with a coat of cream and matte bronze paints.  The hardware on the dressers also received a coat of bronze/gold paint. I made ll the floral arrangements in the rooms as well as the runners.

And as you all know, when you are doing a room makeover on a budget, one has to be really creative. So when I am make plans to refresh a room, my go to places are thrift stores, antique shops and garage sales. I do invest on good quality foundation pieces for our home too but for the most part, I try to re-purpose furniture, art and decor items whenever I can. And who doesn't love a bargain or the thrill of the hunt right?

Since I was on a budget, I did not have a lot of extra funds to invest on a crystal chandelier so when I came across this gorgeous and acrylic chandelier at Home Depot for only $99.00, it was love at first site. And you won't even notice the difference. It is stunning and a quick way to add elegance and romance to a room. (if you re interested, here is the info for it: Hampton Bay Maria Theresa 6-Light Chrome Chandelier)

The lovely reproduction painting on the wall was re-purposed. The frame was originally gold and the nightstand had a dark finish so that received a total makeover too. And that saved us a lot of money. It is amazing what a little paint can do.

My inspiration came from this pretty Waverly fabric that I purchased from my local fabric store. I made this no sew scarf and bed canopy with the double sided sticky tape. At took a little time but it was totally worth it.

For the bedding, I used a textured Matelasse coverlet in cream, vintage linen pillow covers found at an antiques shop and a floral Ralph Lauren comforter set I already had.
Ins't this Ralph Lauren comforter beautiful?

These vintage pillow shams are lovely. I love the raised detail. Such a sweet detail and I only paid about ten dollars for the set

The chair was my most expensive purchase for this makeover. I found it at Home Goods for $129.00 but I just could not pass it up. It was the perfect color and style.

This is smaller guest room in our home. We gave it a makeover a few years ago. As you may have already noticed, I have a passion for florals and romantic decor. And this room has a bit of a cottage feel. It is so dreamy!!

This room is also very bright. My goal has been to unify the rooms. It has certainly been a labor of love for the past 9 years.

The antique bed and nightstands were also dark. We painted them beige and lightly distressed them. I do not like perfect pieces. I like things to have character and a worn feel.

We chose teal bedding for a pop of color. A rattan tray holds beloved collected items such as my pink floral tea cups and vintage ladies bust. And I always have to have fresh flowers. It is my weekly indulgence.

I love adding personal details in every room. Pretty pieces for guest to enjoy but I too take the time to enjoy each room in our home. After all, it is a room worth admiring.

So take the time to enjoy your home. It is our largest investment and should be enjoyed not only by your family and friends, but by the people that live in it. Create a room in which you can escape to. A room to gather your thoughts and re-connect. Large or small, you deserve it.

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday.


Monday, January 16, 2017

Christmas Storage & Organization Ideas

Hello everyone.  I have been a little busy bee these days.  I know it is almost the middle of January, but I have been working on getting Christmas decorations organized.  I am embarrassed to admit that our basement is a total mess.  It is starting to feel cluttered and I am starting to stress over it all. Has that happened to any of you?  I did not want to add extra chaos to the mess that was already in the basement so when we took down all of our Christmas decorations, it made sense to start with the the holiday items.  

It is not a fun task but one that certainly needed immediate attention.   I love the feel of a clean and fresh home and for that reason, I really have to start doing a better job storing all of my seasonal decor and china. 

As soon as January 7th arrived, Christmas decorations came down.  Our last two weekends were spent doing inventory, separating decorations by room and getting rid of unwanted items.  I am not an expert on the subject, but I will tell you that I am learning a few tricks through hands-on experience and plenty of nose-diving into those over-packed ornament bins.

The first thing I did was search on Pinterest and YouTube for organizing ideas.  One idea that stood out for me was storing the decorations in clear roll-out storage carts.  The idea is brilliant.  Everything is quickly accessible, no heavy lifting and no need to dive into messy bins.  

I just loved this idea of the roll carts.  I purchased a few of these carts from Walmart assigned one for each of the two trees in the house.  One large cart holds the ornaments for the tree in our living room and another holds the ornaments for the tree in our dining room.

We also bought the following supplies to help with the task:
  • Large Sharpie
  • Gift wrap Tissue Paper (Dollar Store)
  • Storage Bags (Target)
  • Small Garbage Bags (13 Gallon)

I began by labeling each storage bag and wrapping each ornament with tissue paper.

All of the Christmas arrangements were store in deep large clear storage bins.  I layered a few sheets of tissue paper on top of the arrangement for protection before covering.

Max always finds a way to get into the picture.  lol

Holiday art/pillows/stockings were also covered and placed in small garbage bags and then placed in clear storage bins also.

These are also perfect for storing those special wreaths.
This was another great idea I found on Pinterest for storing electrical extensions,

I have to be honest, this was not a small task at all.  Thank goodness I had the help of my husband through it all.  But I am so glad that we took the time to organize it all.  Another thing I found most helpful was labeling everything.  It will make your life so much easier.  

Well, Christmas goodies are finally in order.  Next year, decorating the trees will be a breeze.  Now is on to the rest of the basement ladies.  That is a scary thought and one that I am not looking forward to.  

I hope you can take some ideas from this post to use in your own home.  I will share my progress with the basement as I go along.

Thank you for stopping by today.