Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Bit Country

Hello everyone.  Happy Sunday to you all.  Well, we finally had nice weather here in the Northeast.  How wonderful to finally have blue skies and warmer weather.  It seems as if everyone was out enjoying the bit of sun that we were gifted with this weekend.  Crowds were everywhere.  And who can hold us indoors with such wonderful warm days.  Especially after such a terribly cold winter.  Even my little pooch showed signs of joy.  He was even enjoying a bit of the sun in the backyard.

Perfect days to also snap a few shots.  Wanting to use a rustic wooden tray recently purchased from Home Goods, I gathered a few pieces with a bit of country style for serving breakfast in our sun room.

A neutral color Palette.  Checked fabric, rolling pins and pitchers give this vignette a country feel. 

A laid back attitude makes country spaces comfortable havens.  Weathered finishes, found objects and vintage pieces extend an invitation to be at home. 

Flowers on an old pitcher give the look a cheery romance.

Treasured Spode china.  Classic and timeless.

Take time to smell the roses.

I wish you all a wonderful week.  



Thursday, February 20, 2014

Celebrating Femininity

It is not often that I get to spend a day with my lovely niece Daniella.  In fact, it was been a few months since we last saw each other.  And to tell you the truth, I consider her more of a daughter.  She is very special to me and my hubby so when she telephoned to say that she was going to spend the night, you can just imagine the excitement and joy that I felt.  

Wanting to make her visit extra special, I immediately went to work.  And in all honesty, I cannot resist the opportunity to create a beautiful table.  And since it is still February, I am still in an ultraromantic frame of mine.

My inspiration for this table was this pretty floral china purchased from a local thrift shop last year.  A rose garden on a plate.  So delicate and feminine.  I do not know the maker of this china.  There were no markings on any of the pieces.   The second source of inspiration was this lovely pink and cream table topper above.  I do love pink and delicate fabrics.

Delicate crystal, roses, pearls and vintage china are just part of the appeal.

Come and join us.

Graceful and and timeless.

Quiet Color.

Isn't this the sweetest little creamer??

Equally appealing are these glass salt and pepper cellars.

There are times when simplicity is wonderful, but there are also times when our hearts yearn for roses by the dozen.  For me, that is the majority of the time.

My niece loved the table.  But more importantly, we had an amazing time together.  Add to that great conversation, plenty of laughs, delicious meals and you have a truly priceless and especially wonderful.

Thanks for coming to visit.  I hope you have a lovely rest of the week.



Thursday, February 13, 2014

Capturing The Charm of Yesteryear

Hello to you all.  I hope your week is going well.  We had another snow day here in the Northeast so I had a bit of time to play with my camera and snap a few shots of some of my favorite vintage pieces which I like to display in my master bathroom.   It is my own private space so it is feminine, very French in style and holds some of my treasured pieces of vintage jewelry, purses and beauty products.  

We all have beautiful treasures tucked away in our homes which have been inherited or collected through the years that when displayed together tell wonderful stories and spark the imagination.  

When artfully displayed, these pieces delight the eye and bring back memories of a loved one and times past.

One of my favorite items is this small beaded purse.  I am not sure of its age but you call tell that lots of work went into the piece.  You couldn't possibly get more feminine than this. 

Vintage pearl bracelets and brooch.  Truly timeless.

Beauty and fashion.  A perfect pair..

My favorite tea cup by Nikko.  A Japanese company founded by Lord Maeda and local nobles in 1908.

The perfect shade of pink.

A gathering of the loveliest faux roses and a favorite fragrance.  

May all the joys of this delightful month be yours, as flowers, chocolate and romance reign in our hearts.

Happy Valentine's to you all.

Love always,


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Romantic Table for Two

Happy Sunday all.  What have you all been up to??  I have been busy doing my usual runs.  Going to the Farmers Market and supermarket getting ready for the week ahead and to celebrate Valentine's Day.  My favorite part of Valentine's Day is spending time with my hubby and having my favorite treat, chocolate covered strawberries.  Oh how I love those.  

My husband and I like to stay home for Valentines.  It is less hectic and more enjoyable at home.  The food and service at restaurants can be a a bit rushed and disappointing during holidays.  We always plan a special meal that we can cook together.  It is so much fun to cook with my husband.  And the food is much more flavorful and scrumptious than going to a restaurant.  Besides, I can set a prettier table.

To set the stage, I used my Mikasa Rosemead china as promised to put together this romantic and charmingly intimate Valentine's Day table for two.   All it is missing is the delicious food and wine.

Vintage flatware, roses and crystal will easily give this table a romantic feel.

I hope you all have a romantic and wonderful Valentine's Day.  Thanks for stopping by to visit.



Thursday, February 6, 2014

Simple Treasures

Today is a pretty and brand new day.  Although the weather outside is frightful.  Freezing rain and snow are the order of the day but to me, it is just another wonderful day to celebrate life, beauty and romance.  It is February after all and the month of so many wonderful birthday celebrations in my family, including my own at the end of the month.  So I have been adding a little bit of romance to the decor around my home.  I love flowers, vintage linens and pearls. As I am sure you all have noticed by now.  So why not enjoy them everyday.  There is nothing wrong with that right???   

For instance, take this very inexpensive flower vase.  I added a bit of lace and it instantly becomes a brand new treasure. It adds a certain softness and romance to item that we normally wouldn't pay attention to. Such little details make a space original and and a treat for the eyes. 

This was an old flower vase that I purchased from the dollar store.  What a difference a bit of lace can make.   Amazing, right??   I will share this DIY project of  a future post.  I am finishing up a few more pieces.  

Add a simple candle and some pretty details and it is instant romance and elegance.

Love to display my vintage linens.  They add charm and and timeless elegance to a home.

Another simple and inexpensive little treasure found at Ikea last summer.  These two pitchers are displayed in my kitchen where I keep a light color palette.

And for the piece de resistance, take a sneak peek at the pretty fabric on the photos.  I just found it this weekend at my local fabric store on sale at 50%.  I am in love with this delicate fabric.  I bought it to make a table topper with it but I am now thinking of using it in my sun room which is in need of a makeover soon.  What do you think??

Picturesque portrait of cherished treasures. 

Have a wonderful rest of the week my sweet friends.  It is always great to share such little pleasures with you all.  I hope to have inspired you to create a little romance in your everyday...