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My friend Daniella from My Little Old World sent me an invitation to take part in a "Virtual Blog Tour".  At first, I was worried about accepting to participate on this fun tour since I am busy working on a few projects right now.  I even questioned if anyone else would be interested in reading my answers but the fact that sweet Daniella thought of me for this fun collaboration gave me all the enthusiasm and inspiration that I needed.  Besides it is a wonderful way to meet new friends and to inspire others by sharing our passions and creative ideas.  

I am thankful to Daniella for the honor and for believing in my work.  I do hope that you can take the time to visit her beautiful blog.  It is full of creative writing and history lessons full of romance, incredible beauty, tenderness and nostalgia.  Each week Daniella's shares interesting facts about art, photography, historical gardens, structures and royalty to name a few.  A blog that embraces real beauty, loveliness and totally inspiring.   

My Little Old World

Le mie foto

1.  What am I working on?

Oh goodness..  Difficult question because I am working on so many things at this very moment.  I guess I can begin by saying that I am trying to establish a little side business as an event planner specializing in vintage themed parties.  To tell you the truth, I hope that I can turn it into a full time business because it is truly where my heart is.  But it is not an easy task because I do have a full time job right now.  Sometimes I wish I could just dive in and dedicate my time one hundred percent but at this time in my life, I am unable to.   But I do believe in dreams and magic and I am hopeful that someday, this will be my reality. 

I am also working on two baby showers. One is for my goddaughter Daniella and the other one is for my lovely niece Ericka.  Both are in July so things a bit crazy for me right now.  I also did my first photo shoot. It was of my niece Daniella who wanted to take a few maternity photos to capture this very precious and beautiful time in her life.  Truth is, I volunteered for the task.  

Here a few shots of my beautiful niece Daniella that I took a few weeks ago.  What do you think??  

These are a few of the things I have been working on for Daniella's baby shower.  Baby blue checked table toppers, birdcages for the center of each table.  Cake stands for cupcakes.  Who doesn't love a good cupcake right??  Painted paper mache boxes and plate chargers.  And burlap party favors so far.

2.  How does my work differ from others of its genre?

First of all, I don't even know what genre my work falls into because it can easily be categorized as styling, decorating, table setting, antiquing, cooking and photography for starters.  And frankly speaking, there are many other bloggers that do the very same thing I do. Inspiring and sharing their own unique creations too.  I guess what makes my work a little different is that I have a certain appreciation for detail, aged beauty and pieces that are passed down through life.  I only use the those pieces that speak to my heart.  Objects that were loved and treasured by others long ago and that I bring to my home to be loved and cherished once again.  Every design and creation captures my soul.  But most importantly, I hope that my work inspires and gives a glimpse into my life and the things that make me happy.


3. Why do I write/create what I do?

I write because it allows me to share my thoughts and ideas.  It is a chance to connect with other kindred spirits.  It is when I feel most happy and free.  A way to decompress and to feed my soul.  I put together my designs and creations to inspire.  To share all the things that I find beautiful and timeless.  A sentimental journey.  For me, it is about respecting the past.  Capturing the beauty of old forgotten pieces and to give them new life. To tell their story and perhaps to show that time-worn objects have a sentimental value and a real beauty that is unsurpassed.

4. How does your writing/creating process work?

This is very easy to answer.  It is all about what inspires me at that specific moment.  It is never planned. Inspiration can come from my garden, a recent purchase, old china stored in my basement, a magazine or eye-catching fabric.  It is all about my love affair with romance and style.  It is about keeping my home fresh and comfortable and surrounding myself with the things that I truly love.  Creating interiors and tables that are classic and timeless.

And now I will introduce you to another great and extremely talented blogger.  Su from Butterfly and Bungalow who takes us on her design journey of her 1940's cottage.  Each week Su shares an incredible make over of a room in gorgeous her home.  This woman is a true artist and a master at transforming flea market and garage sale finds.  She loves all things romantic, vintage, French, Swedish country style with a Southwest sprinkle.  She also loves easy, inexpensive crafts that are made from something recycled.


butterfly 8)(8 bungalow

So stop on over to her stylish blog on July 7 to see her amazing talent and then check out her social media sites. She is amazingly talented.

Wishing you all a wonderful week.



  1. Your goddaughter is gorgeous! Your niece's and goddaughter's parties are going to be beautiful. Your tablescapes are amazing. I love that you share your romantic vignettes. xoxo Su

  2. I really have no words to express what I feel reading your far too beautiful words, Janet !
    I was sure you wouldn't have missed this chance, you have to let people know you in a deeper way, you deserve it ♡
    Thank you for everything, for accepting this collaboration, even if it wasn't so easy to find people with the necessary time to take part to this Tour, for your words - you're far too generous with me - and for sharing your wonderful, amazing world ... and thank you for introducing Su, I'm looking forward to read her next Monday post to know her better, this Tour is growing interesting and fun more and more !
    Thank you again ... and again .... always, my dearest friend !
    Sending much love xox

  3. the pictures you took are stunning and what a wonderful way to remember a very special time in her life. The baby showers look wonderful with all the lovely decoration you have for them.
    I do hope that your new venture takes off because you will do a terrific job. Being in the hotel business and planning and executing so may parties, I know you will do a wonderful job. Everyone wants that special party with all the wonderful memories. I wish you much success in your future endeavors.

  4. Although I am fairly new to your blog, it is so very lovely....this is a well-deserved accolade. Thank you for inviting us into your beautiful world. The photography here is always wonderful including these. :)

  5. I'm excited for you and your dream of being an event planner. sounds like so much fun, and a great way to share your creativity and talent. I'm sure those baby showers will be lovely. Your niece is beautiful.

  6. Dear Janet:
    I'm very proud of you! Wow, you have "bared part of your soul" in this mini interview. Follow your dream...I know one day it will come true! You know you can count on my 100% as your collaborator and for bouncing off ideas.
    Keep up with all the beautiful posts and ideas you gift us with in this blog.
    De corazon.....


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