Friday, July 26, 2013

Simple and Easy Blueberry Tart with Pineapple

Hello friends.  I hope that you are all having a great week.  I am happy to say that the heat wave around these parts is finally over for now.  Yes, we finally get to enjoy a bit of the outdoors before winter makes it appearance again.  And boy isn't hard to believe that July is almost over.   I am hoping to spend this Saturday in New York if the weather allows.  I have been meaning to go to Manhattan for sometime so I have an entire day planned.  I am so excited.   I will definitely share photos of my day if I go.

But today sweet friends, I am sharing a super-easy summer tart.  It is my blueberry tart with lemon and crushed pineapple.  Yes friends, it is as delicious as it sounds and fairly simple to make because it is made with Pillsbury refrigerated pie crusts. 

And what better way to enjoy such a delicious treat than a little afternoon tea time.  Not one to pass up an opportunity to use a favorite tea set, it is my lovely and delicate Royal Grafton Wild Rose tea/coffee set that caught my attention on this sweet summer afternoon.  I just love the soft tones and delicate pink flowers that decorate the pieces.  ( A brief history on the maker is at the bottom of this post.) 
I  hope you enjoy this yummy tart and also the few photos I share with you today.  Thank you for stopping by and leaving your sweet and kind words.

Here are the Ingredients:

1       box of Pillsbury refrigerated pie crusts
1       pint of fresh blueberries (To top the tart)
1       teaspoon of fresh lemon juice
1       teaspoon of vanilla
1       teaspoon of lemon zest
1/4    cup of crushed pineapple (drained)
1       8 oz. package of Philadelphia Cream Cheese (softened)
1       cup of powdered sugar
1/2    cup of apricot jam (for glaze)
1       tbsp. of water (for glaze)


Heat over to 425 degrees.  Make pie crust as directed on box.  I use a 9-inch tart pan but you can use a glass pie plate if you prefer.  (Be sure to let the pie crust cool before doing the next step.)

In a bowl, mix powdered sugar and softened cream cheese.  Now add lemon juice, lemon zest and vanilla.  Gently fold in drained pineapple.  Spoon softened cream cheese mixture into pie crust and spread evenly.   Top with blueberries and glaze.  (see instructions for glaze below)


Create the glaze by heating 1/2 cup of apricot jam or preserves, along with 1 tbsp. of water, in a saucepan over medium heat until the mixture becomes a liquid. Substitute strawberry or red currant jam or preserves for the apricot if you desire.

Brief history and description of The Royal Grafton Company

The Royal Grafton company was founded in 1876 in Staffordshire, England by Alfred Jones, and continued to produce fine bone china items up until 1972.  Originally, A.B. Jones & Sons Ltd. used the trade name "Grafton" and "Royal Grafton" after producing a variety of fine china items, but started to use the company name "Royal Grafton Bone China" after Queen Mary awarded A.B. Jones & Sons with a royal warrant.
The company went on to produce a variety of high-quality china items including plates, teapots, creamers, teacups, saucers, mugs and much more.

Guide for collectors

Royal Grafton Bone China items that are sold as a complete matching set (such as a teapot with matching teacups) are considered to be the most rare.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Elegant Lilac

I am loving purples lately.  Particularly lilac.  It is my new go-to favorite.  So much so that I did a little makeover in my bedroom to incorporate this lovely color.  It is soothing and serene.  And I find it elegant, chic, fresh and the perfect color to create this decidedly feminine table for you today. 
A vintage tablecloth in white makes a beautiful base for the lovely light purple plates purchased from Home Goods and pretty flower-patterned Limoges salad plates finish the place setting.  To that, I added mismatched silver plate flatware and stemware for easy entertaining.  For a final touch I added  a silver plate oil and vinegar set and a porcelain cable holder to bring polish to the table  A true romantic table...
While I appreciate the elegant, cohesive look of matching pieces on a table, I can't deny the charm of a table set with mismatched pieces.   A welcoming table to invite lovely conversation.

I hope you enjoy the few images I am sharing of my table.  Thank you for visiting my blog.



Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Favorite Things

Hello to all.  I hope you are all enjoying these sweet summer days...  Today I am doing a quick post to share two amazing reads..  I had heard a few fellow bloggers mention Victoria Magazine's Special Collectors Edition, Monograms and Carolyn Aiken's book, Aiken House and Gardens.  After getting my hands on these two lovely publications, I must say that they are both gems.  Their pages are filled with old world romance with a true tribute to the past. 
Carolyn's book is a collection of her most spectacular photos of her beloved home and gardens. Quiet elegance with a nod to the past.  Victoria's Monograms edition is just as memorable.  Its pages are filled with true eye candy for those of us who love all things old and classic.  Vintage linens, silver, china and tips for caring for such heirlooms.  This special edition is a must my friends.  Two gems.
Here are few shots I took featuring these two favorites.



Sunday, July 14, 2013

Romantic Settings

Welcome everyone.  I hope you are all having a delightful weekend.  It was the perfect day for me today... My hubby did not have to work today so I was very happy to have him home,.  We enjoyed a most pleasant morning together.   Did a little house work while he worked in the yard, that is his favorite past time...And in the evening we enjoyed a delicious meal at our favorite sea side restaurant and finished with a beautiful and relaxing stroll by the water.  Life is great....
I even had the pleasure of putting this little vignette together to share with you today.  Still taking advantage of roses I purchased about a week an half ago.  It must have been the air conditioner in the house that helped them last longer than usual.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.   I also hope that you enjoy my photos.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Alfresco Entertaining

Good afternoon and a happy day to you all.  I hope you are all having a cool and pleasant week.  It is still very hot here in Jersey.  And it has been raining almost every afternoon.  At least our grass and plants get a little help from mother nature to cool off from the heat.  But at least it is summer and I am going to enjoy it for as long as I can. 
I love open-air gatherings and if you are regular visitor on my blog you will know that I truly enjoy my garden.  It serves as such inspiration in so many ways.  And may I say I need no excuse to set a pretty and feminine table.   It is my little obsession and where I admit of being a little over the top.
So this 4th of July, which was also my sister's birthday I set the stage for a lovely alfresco dinner to celebrate her birthday.  Inspired by a set of floral dish towels that I purchased a few months ago at Ikea and vintage pink and my favorite vintage floral china.  I think the two match perfectly.  I often smile when two very different treasures seem to just find each other and create a bit of poetry.  A table dressed with lots of girly flowers in pink and fuchsia tones, pristine whites, crystal and gleaming silver.  Enchanting and captivating beauty set in a true outdoor haven for just the two of us to enjoy a great tasting meal, delicious birthday cake, lots of chat and laughs and even reminisce a little.  It was a great evening and so long over due... 
Thank you for visiting. 



Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Pretty Portrait

Hello to you all.  I hope you are enjoying your weekend wherever you are...  I have been enjoying my garden lately.  Much more this year than ever before.  Perhaps it is the towering trees and lush greenery that we planted seven years ago that now provide valuable shade and beauty, the soothing hues that surround the garden, or the perfumed blossoms and fragrant foliage that romanticize the setting.  Whatever it is, our garden has become my sanctuary.  
It is a wonderful space in which I love to paint a pretty portrait to share with you all.  In these shots,  used a few classic creamware pieces to create an idyllic airy setting.






My favorite assistant admiring a garden statue...

My little assistant looking for a snack...