Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Charming Afternoon Tea

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I spent most of it cleaning and going through my fall decorations planning our homes transition from summer to autumn.

It is always a good idea to do a little inventory before starting any decorating project.  It just keeps the process simple and much more enjoyable. 

I also took a little time for afternoon tea.  It was extra special because I was enjoying a cup of the very delicate and aromatic Rose Tea made by Fauchon of Paris.  So elegant and perfectly feminine that it actually inspired this charming setting for afternoon tea.

Roses in a delicate hue of pink and fuchsia add romance and grace to the table.  A French portrait adds beauty and timeless elegance.  And antique linens and silver add a nostalgic appeal.

Pearls are always a most on my table...This absolutely breathtaking runner was a gift from a sweet friend. 

These tea cups weere a recent purchase from Home Goods.  So so beautiful.

Take a look at the inside.  It has a built in stainer.  Isn't that just perfect?


Fauchon Rose Tea from Paris.  What a special treat.

I hope you enjoyed your visit today.  It is always such a pleasure to share inspiring photos with you all.  Thank you for visiting me.   Your comments always make me smile.



Friday, September 12, 2014

Favorite Things - Makeup Brush Holder

Hello to you all.  It is finally Friday and the weekend is starting off beautifully.  The sky is sunny and bright with the perfect temperatures to match.  And I am looking forward the annual neighborhood garage sale tomorrow that I hope surprises me with a treasure or two.  It is so much fun to hunt for treasures isn't it..

I have been working on re-organizing a few of the closets around the house.  Little projects to eliminate the unnecessary and to simplify life a bit.  One of the rooms that I started with was my master bathroom.  Going through my makeup cabinet checking for old items and wiping down all the makeup containers and drawers in which they are stored.

As you all know, I am a lover and collector of vintage china, but I am equally passionate about makeup.  So my makeup and accessories get treated with equal importance and care.  

One on my issues had been storing my makeup brushes.  I am not a fan of dumping everything in a drawer.  Especially makeup brushes because they can get damaged, dirty and it is not very practical to have to search in a black hole when rushing to get ready in the morning. Searching for an inexpensive and useful piece to store my treasured brushes, I came across a Rotating Desk Organizer at Home Goods that seemed perfect for the job. And it was only $9.99 investment so I brought it home to give it a try.   

After filling the container with my most frequently used makeup brushes, it was instant gratification. Why didn't I think of this before???  It is so functional.  And did I mention rotating.  It is the ultimate way to keep my makeup brushes stored.  And my brush caddy is kept inside a cabinet which keeps them free of dust also.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous reasons why I consider this container a favorite.  For one, easy access to my brushes.  Secondly, it keeps my brushes neatly stored and protected.  Lastly, it was inexpensive.   This is also perfect for lips and eye pencils, lip glosses and hair brushes too.  But the possibilities are endless.


I hope you find this idea useful.  Thank you for visiting my blog today.  I am so glad you came.

Have a great weekend.



Monday, September 8, 2014

Last Few Days of Summer

Hello sweet friends.  It has been a fun and happy weekend.  My hubby and I spent the weekend at my sister-in-laws home at the Jersey Shore.  And thank goodness that we did because we had some terribly hot and humid days around these parts.  Weather has been a little different this summer.  Not too many hot summer days.  Maybe summer will stick around a little longer.  And who am I to argue with that right???

We love to walk around this very historic beach town called Allenhurst.  It is barely 0.283 square miles.  There are many grand and historic homes in this little town.  Most of them built during the 19th and early 20th centuries.  Many of the homes are in the Victorian, Queen Anne, Italian Renaissance and Colonial styles.  All breathtaking. 

I love to walk around this gorgeous town and imagine myself living in one of these grand old homes. I often wonder about the people that lived in these homes and the memories they created.

And it was such a great idea to spend the weekend by the ocean.  I know it's kind of funny to say but it was as if the ocean breezes were giving a great big hug.  There is something so relaxing and comforting about walking on a pristine beach and dipping your toes in the sand.  Add the peaceful sounds of the waves and the seagulls and you have the perfect combination to clean ones soul.  I feel totally refreshed and revitalized. 

I am happy to share a few pics from beach getaway this weekend.  I hope it relaxes you too.....

 Have a beautiful and amazing week sweet friends.

Thank you for your visit today.  


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Moments of Reflection

I would like to express my sincere and deepest gratitude to all my wonderful blogger friends who offered their support and heartfelt words of affection and encouragement on the loss of our beloved Niki.  I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and thankful for each and everyone of you.  You have truly touched my heart and given me the strength needed for the days ahead.

I know in time the pain we are feeling will subside but the truth is that we miss him terribly. Some days are better than others as you can imagine.  Focusing on all the happy and fun memories we shared with our little pooch make it a little better.  But these days my sweet friends, I am just taking the time to enjoy a few quiet moments to reflect on the changes ahead and to pull my emotions together.


Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Wishing you a blessed and beautiful week,


Monday, August 25, 2014

Remembering My Little Angel

No words to express the intense pain and sorrow that we feel after the loss of our beloved little angel Niki. My heart is torn to pieces.  Life will never be the same without you my sweet boy.

We will always miss you and love you until our last breath.  You were so strong and brave my little angel. And while you were in deep pain and suffering, you never showed it.  You are the bravest person I have ever known.  You gave us joy, comfort and true love until the very end.  You truly made our lives so much better my little angel.  We are so thankful to God for bringing you into our lives and for letting us enjoy nine wonderful years with you.  I will miss looking at your beautiful happy face everyday.  I will miss seeing you seating on your favorite chair in the garden but most of all I will miss our Saturday mornings on the sofa that you loved so much.  Thank you my sweet boy. Mama will never forget those beautiful bright eyes and your sweet smile.      

Life will be different without you my little angel but I know it was your time to go.  Rest in peace my little one.  I only find comfort in knowing that you are now free of all your pain and suffering.  I know God has welcomed you with open arms where you have now found peace and comfort in his arms.  You have made the skies a lot brighter with your happy soul.....Until we meet again my sweet boy.

We love you to pieces,

Mommy and Daddy 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fun Weekend at Glen Mills, PA

Hello to you all.  It has been such a lovely weekend.  The weather lately has been perfect.  Sunny, warm and low humidity.  Perfect for spending time outdoors.  And with summer almost at its end, I am committed to spending the rest of my weekends acting like a tourist at destinations near me.  

I has been lots of fun for my hubby and me.  We have discovered lots of great new restaurants, hidden gems and most importantly, that we can still have an amazing time together after almost thirty years of marriage. Life is wonderful.  We have laughed, been silly at times and enjoyed plenty of long walks and conversations this summer and it feels pretty great.  So please forgive me if I have been absent lately.  We will have fall and winter which will allow us to catch up with blogland.  It is always wonderful to see what you all are working on.  You all share so much beauty and creative ideas and often inspire me in so many ways.  It makes me so happy to have found you all.

Today, I wanted to share one of my favorite places to visit.  It is called Terrain in Glen Mills, PA.  It is truly an amazing garden center/ home store which also hosts the most incredible weddings with a relaxed and fun atmosphere.  And a restaurant that rivals any high end restaurant that receives the most coverage across the foodie community.  I cannot help but be inspired every time I visit.  I just love its charming rustic appeal. 

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  I am so glad that you came.  I do hope that you enjoy the tour of this spectacular store.

Taking a much needed break.

My sweet hubby

Enjoy the rest of your summer sweet friends.



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